One for me. One for you.

Monday, May 7, 2007
People keep asking me how Kate and Scout get along. Well, they get along famously! If Kate cries in the middle of the night, Scout runs upstairs and sits at the base of her crib until I can calm Kate down. They play together (well, Scout sneaks up and steals Kate's toys, but she doesn't mind).

Scout just plops down right in Kate's lap for some love.

The other day, I put Kate in this exersaucer so I could unload the dishwasher. Our kitchen floor is slate and very hard so I was too nervous for Kate to sit on the floor while I wasn't watching closely. I gave her some Cheerios and when I turned around I saw Kate eat one and then....

I saw her feed Scout one. This pattern of "one for me, one for you" continued until I put Scout outside. No wonder Scout loves her so much! Scout has also figured out that the best place to be during dinner is underneath Kate's high chair.


  1. Kim,
    Such cute pictures! She's going to love seeing herself in everyday life like this when she is older. I think it's soooo precious how Scout loves to be around her, that says alot about her!
    Thanks so much for keeping your blog updated. I check in all the time on Miss Kate! She is beyond adorable and it helps my longing heart....some days are just so hard so it helps to be reminded that something amazing is at the end of this wait!!

  2. Our dog Clover loves to be under Katie's chair too:} Kate is beautiful as always. I wish we did live closer so the girls could play. I loved the pics of Dave's aunt and the family. That is awesome!
    Take Care and hope you guys all feel better soon! We're praying for ya.

  3. So know I have a dog lover too. It is the BEST! Seriously, can Miss Kate get any cuter!!!

  4. So adorable!! Nothing like a girl and her dog!! I love it when they are sharing Cheerios!

  5. That Scout is a very clever dog,and Kate- cute as EVER. I'd lost track of your blog (still can't figure out how to set up bloglines) and I'm glad I happened upon your site again!

  6. Kim,

    So cute Kate and Scout. Scout grew so much. Thats great that they love each other. Ashton just said" I need Baby Kate and Scout" It was so cute. Hopefully everyone is feeling better by now, we were thinking of you all.

    Aunt Doonie

  7. In our house the dogs are the vacuum cleaners!
    Julie H

  8. Kate and I think a lot for you, one for me!

    Looks like she has great fun with Scout!


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