I'm Just Wild about Harry

Monday, May 28, 2007

A few nights ago at the dinner table, Harry proclaimed, "I have no role in our family. Will is the helper and big brother. Kate is the cute new baby.
I am the one who gets in trouble." Now, lately, he has been a bit sassy (as to be expected--he has recently become a middle child) but he is still our sweet Harry.
So, we have been working hard to create a positive role for Harry in our family.

I decided to do a special post all about Harry. I love his little freckled nose. And his laugh. He has perfectly straight, white teeth. The dentist always gives him an A+ for brushing and he is very proud of that. I think he is the cutest little guy.

Although he looks a little devious here, Harry is a great kid. He is generous. He is a great friend because he can be both a leader and a follower. He has a great sense of humor. He is our prayer reminder. Sometimes we are all in a rush at dinner time and we begin eating. It is our Harry who slows us down and reminds us to pray. Also, sometimes his teacher will mention something to me and I say, "how did you know?" She will tell me that Harry has been praying about it at school.

Harry is a water bug and he loves swimming. Last year, he worked so hard to be on our local swim team. At the beginning of the season, he pushed himself to make it across the pool in order to compete. I will never forget the first time he competed. Our whole team was cheering for him. By the end of the season, he swam freestyle and backstroke at champs at the University Arena pool. He won the coaches award last year for swimming. He was 5! I was most proud of how hard he worked and how he always cheered on his teammates.

Harry "rocks" at baseball. He loves it and he is really good. His favorite position right now is pitcher. He actually plays the game instead of picking daisies in the field.

Harry is definitely a team player.
He is such a sweet big brother to baby Kate.

It's okay Kate, I'll protect you!

Harry and Will are best friends. He is an awesome little brother.

Harry has a great laugh!

Harry is an awesome soccer player (with coach Dad).

Harry takes swim team very seriously. In fact, last year he got a buzz cut so he would move through the water faster. On the last day of school, he plans to get another one this year.

Harry is great with his younger cousin, Ashton. He is such a good role model and helper.

Harry is an awesome student both academically and socially. In fact, he is one of only two boys in his class who has never had to move his star off of green for behavior this year. We are SO proud of him. He is a leader in his classroom and is loved by all his classmates (and his teachers).

Harry can be a ham (at his 6th birthday party).

Harrison loves Scout and is working on how he handles her. They will be going to dog obedience school this summer.

I love you Harry!
(purple is his favorite color)

**Harry saw his special post this morning and he was beaming. He looked so happy. Then, he said, "I want my own blog with older posts and all!" Oh boy!


  1. Harry seems like he's the best little brother and an amazing big brother too! There is no way that there isn't a place for him in your family. It wouldn't be nearly as special if he wasn't in it. I wish I had a brother like that! Kate and Will are so lucky!

    I can't believe he shaved his head for his swimming team. What a dedicated athlete!

  2. What a sweet boy, you are so blessed!

  3. What a sweet post about a sweet and very handsome boy. As the oldest child I can remember my younger sister feeling like she kind of was overlooked as the middle...although, she wasn't. You are such a good Mama to think of all these things!

  4. I'm bawling..that was beautiful. I also have a middle child who sometimes feels just like Harry has been lately. She is now eleven. We call her our "Center" child. She calls herself the middle child all the time and i constantly correct her and say..."oh no sweetie you are mama's CENTER child..the center of our whole family..the center of it all!!" She likes that..it makes her laugh. You can borrow that one ANYTIME in the future because the day will come when Harry too will call himself the MIDDLE CHILD (when they're feeling blue etc)..i bet Harry the CENTER CHILD will get a kick out of it..Blessings to all.

  5. This was such a nice post we enjoy hearing about everyone in the family.

    Ashton is going to be so excited to see, he's been asking for Harry. He say's "OH NO... not baby Kate again, where is Harry"! He can't wait to see you, Harry in just a couple more days. We can't wait to see you also.

    Ashton, Aunt Dooney & Uncle Moon

  6. And who wouldn't love Harry!?!?! What a sweetie! But we know how that goes - when Chloe came home, we had a little fruit-basket upset as well!! But all is well now - each has such a special place in our home!!!

  7. Wow, what a lovely tribute to obviously a great kid!


  8. That was a beautiful post! Please tell Harry for me that I think he sounds like the best "middle" brother ever! I loved all the pictures and purple is my favorite color too! Your awesome Harry!

  9. Wow.. What an awesome boy you have there. Very special indeed. He is definitely the "glue" that holds everything together it sounds like. I love his dedication and sincerity in everything he does.
    Way to go Harry!!

  10. What a fantastic tribute to our sweet harry...he is truly a joy and the post brought tears to my eyes...it's way too long since i've seen them..only 3 more days and i will visit with you all and get to hold my precious "grandaughter"... i am so very excited!!!

    love to all

  11. He is so sweet and handsome! I think Ian can relate to a lot of what Harry must be going through. Ian has is own blog and he loves it ~ but I have all the passwords! I showed Ian the picture of him shaving his head and he was very impressed! I think we may be getting the clippers out today :D

  12. What a great post for such a great kid. Harry you seem like such an awesome young man and I just love your smile! I can see why your family and friends just love you :0)

    Mommy to Mia & Mylee

  13. What an awesome tribute to Harry! A great athlete, a team player, sister protector, a super student, an awesome best friend, wonderful son, and handsome to boot! WOW, what a combination. You are definitely blessed!

  14. Harry you are one handsome dude!

    I think you have a bigger role in your family than you think. You are a friend, a confidant, and to me it looks like you are a care taker, you are the one who can make everyone smile. You are a good big brother and an excellent little brother. Be proud of who you are Harry! From what your mom writes you have every right to be!!

    Congrats on not moving off the green in school. That is WAY cool!! :)

  15. Harry should know that now and for always his special job as the middle child is to be a priceless balance for his awesome family. He is perfect just the way God made him!!!

  16. Dear Harry,
    So fun to learn more about you today! We hope there is a day when you can meet Ainsley! She turns 6 on June 12th. I just know the two of you would be fast friends! What a blessing for little Kate to grow up with two big brothers!!!! We hope you have the best summer ever!
    Blessings, The Rouse Family

  17. We think Harry rocks! Mary Austin says "Who is that? He looks fun" and now she is asking for a brother!

    Julie H

  18. He sounds like a great boy and I bet he'd be great friends with my middle boy Calvin!

  19. Kim,
    Great post on your sweet son! The pictures are great! Harry looks like he's alot of fun! I know my boys would love to be around him too! He's lucky that he has freckles....not everyone gets those little special "kisses from God"!

  20. What a wise young man! I am impressed that Harry can clearly express himself and convey his feelings at his young age! Bill Gates and John F. Kennedy are both middle children. Harry, you will go far in life.

  21. Hi there Harry,

    I'm a middle child, too! Let me tell you...that's really a great spot to have in a family! You get to be both a big brother and a little brother. How lucky is that?!?

    I already knew you were great from everything your Mommy had told me about you before. But it sure was fun to read all about you!

    I sure hope we get a chance to meet this summer.


  22. Who wouldn't be wild about Harry! What a wonderful little guy. And a cutie too.

  23. Harry is such a sweet boy, it warmed my heart to read & see what an important part he does play in the Swales' family.

    Harry, Will & Kate are very lucky to have such wonderful parents.

  24. Hi Harry,

    Matthew and I read all of the cool stuff posted on your blog today. He can't believe how much you have grown since he saw you last at Cataloochee Ranch. I am looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Matthew wishes he could be there but I promised him that you guys were going to visit us soon. love - auntie staci

  25. Oh my! I just fell in love with Harry too. What an all-around great kid!

  26. Kim,

    THat was so moving!! I loved that post. I think Owen, our 6 year old middle son is going to start feeling a little like Harry also. He loves his sister but will struggle to find his new identity in the family. I love what you did and will tuck the idea away for future use when needed!!

    THanks ton,


  27. Tyler became a middle child when Eli was born 2 years ago and it has been a tough transition for him too. My oldest thinks he is too old now for hugs and kisses from Mom-being in high school. So, I give Ty lots of hugs and affection to try to make him feel special.

  28. Hi Harry,

    You are a GREAT brother and a GREAT friend. Christian and Ava love playing with you. Christian says, "You Rock"! Love, The Sansoviches


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