Developmental Expolsion!

Friday, May 25, 2007
I have been a very negligent blogger this week. I apologize. But let me explain. Kate has had a developmental explosion this week. She has learned to crawl, to clap, to drink from a sippy cup, to say "uh-oh, up, and baby." Kate has mastered the art of frolicking in the pool and getting herself into a sitting position in the crib (to play instead of sleep at nap time). She is also very close to standing on her own and she has pulled to a stand once! Kate will turn one next weekend and it is amazing to me the skills she is developing each day. I remember when Will had these bursts of development, he would not sleep because he was so excited by his new tricks. And Will was the one who napped for four hours every afternoon! Unfortunately, Miss Kate Emerson is doing the same thing (not sleeping at naptime).

Here I go Mama!

This crawling is hard work. Is there a reward at the end?

All of that crawling made me thirsty!

Hmmm.... what is this? I've never used one of these before.

Down the hatch.

Mom, would you like some?

Kate also got a very fancy plastic pool and learned the art of lounging and water frolicking.

After all that developing..Kate is too tired to eat her dinner. Although, she did wake up to chew the bites we kept putting in her mouth. "Will wake for food."

Out like a light...until we put her in the crib.

I am working on a very special post about Harry, so check back soon. Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone!


  1. Kim,

    Too cute! It is so fun to watch what each new day brings. I can't wait until we can have our girls together!


  2. Kim,

    "will wake for food" cute! And I love the very fancy plastic pool! Can't wait to see the special post on Harry.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. i have several pictures of Sophia sleeping in her HC as well. They just tucker themselves right out don't they?

  4. Ohhhh! The picture of Kate asleep in the high chair is so sweet!

    LOVE her smile!

  5. Kim,
    As usual, beautiful pictures of Kate! I am so happy to hear that she is developing so well. Time sure is flying isn't it? The picture in the pool is too cute. We just put up the girls' pool and they had a blast in it the other day. Can't wait to see Harry's post. Have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!


  6. What a sweetie. You know I love a girl in a pool!!

  7. That is SO like our Chloe - she came to us not sitting up, not crawling, barely able to feed herself and in a matter of WEEKS had conquered all of those things!! Simply amazing!! Keep enjoying the changes!

  8. Wow, all that development made me tired too! Sounds like Miss Kate had a very busy week :D I think she is quite pleased with herself and progress looking at that smile!

  9. She is too cute... now she will really keep you busy.... Go baby, go baby, go baby go.

  10. That is so exciting...there will never be another dull moment around your house (not that there ever was, right?)

    Love the pic where she conked out in her highchair.

  11. She is just so cute. I am happy that she is developing so well. I love the picture of her sleeping in the high chair!

  12. Isn't that explosion amazing?

    We have vidoe of mary austin asleep at the beach doing the same thing! She looks like she is drunk!


  13. Wow, what progress and great pictures......just wait till she starts walking and then your blogging time will be even more rare!!! Kate is such a cutie!

  14. How sweet! That's so funny that she would wake up to eat a bit of food.

  15. Oh, she is just the cutest!! Love the pictures :)

  16. I stopped reading when you said that Will took 4 hour naps. lol Jackson never slept, day or night, so I can't relate.

    She is so cute and I love the photo of her konked out in the high chair. TOO cute!

  17. It is amazing when children enter their forever families how their development "explodes". As a social worker in domestic foster care adoptions, I see it all the time. It is just amazing what their little bodies can do once all of their needs, especially emotional, are being met consistently. Kate is just a doll and so blessed to be in your family.


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