Our Memorial Day Weekend

Wednesday, May 30, 2007
We had such a nice Memorial Day weekend. We went over to our friend's house for dinner. We had other friends over for a cookout. We went to our pool. I snuggled up in bed with Will and Harry and watched a movie one night after our pool cookout was rained out. It was a really nice weekend. I am grateful to those who have fought and do fight to protect our country and I did remember them in my prayers this weekend.

Our very good friend, Tessa finally got her hands on Miss Kate. To faciliate a healthy attachment, we did not let anyone hold Kate for the first several weeks. Now, we are beginning to let people she knows hold her. People have been very understanding and patient. However, Tessa was dying to hold Kate! Tessa was so wonderful with her. Kate adores their whole family!

At our friend's house for dinner.

This is Kate's country club look. The sunglasses lasted about 2 seconds.

Hmmm...should I go in the water? It might mess up my hair. Aww what the heck. I'm going in!

Kate LOVED the water. She loved us holding her in the water. She loved Harry pulling her around in this floatie thing. She even loved sitting on the edge and falling into the water into Dave's arms. I think we have another swimmer in the family.
Oh, I do not like the taste of this water!

Our club did switch over to a salt water pool. Yeah, less chemicals. I could not be happier about that. It really isn't that salty either.


Harrison splish-splashing around.


  1. Those are great pictures. I love the one where she is sticking her tongue out in disgust. It's hilarious! ;)

  2. Too cute for words! The Country Club outfit with those sunglasses... priceless.
    I will email you soon

  3. Love it.. I have a weakness for a girl in shades : ) We have a salt water pool too and I am so glad..easier on hair, skin and swimsuits. Glad you had a good weekend.

  4. Great pictures! I love Kate's suit! You have a beautiful family.

  5. Kate makes the cutest expressions! She is such a doll! I love the country club look!


  6. Cute photos. The one of Will and Harry together is adorable, and I love Kate's country club look. Very classy. Glad you had a fun weekend.


  7. Great pics as always, love the sunglasses on Kate!

  8. What a lovely weekend! I just love the picture of Kate "tasting" the water ~ YUCK! My favorite is the one of Will and Harry :-)

  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! LOVE those sun glasses! I am still holding out hope to get one of those "bow and sunglasses babies" that won't pull them out! ;)


  10. Your daughter is adorable! You're a great photographer. I love all the pictures, especially the one with her tongue sticking out! LOL

  11. As usual, the pictures are fantastic. Love the country club look. Mylee & Mia both have a pair of those same glasses! What kind of camera do you use?


  12. Those are SO good - she is just such a sweetie!!

  13. I love pics of the kiddos splashing around...too cute!
    (love the country club look -- she is so stylin'!)

  14. Thanks for your comment! Yes, I see we like the same things!! (oh, the china, bedding,blog...that's just the beginning....it gets worse....much worse!! lol)
    I LOVE the "country club look"....so cute!! Those 2 seconds were worth it! Lori

  15. Valorie (and others who e-mailed me),

    I use the Nikon D-80 and I LOVE it. It is kind of new so I am still learning all of the bells and whistles. I am not a good photogrpaher at all. It is a GREAT camera. But I think the D-40 is pobably just as good.

  16. Country Club, hands down, my favorite look on Kate :)

  17. LOVE the "country club" pic with the sunglasses - too cute!

  18. aww...what great pictures! Love Kate's country cub look! Very cute!

  19. I am so glad Kate and I made the blog together. I loved getting my hands on her. What a sweet, precious little cutey, patootey.


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