Red Couch

Monday, April 2, 2007
Look at these beauties! All decked out in their silk finery. Kate is the one in the middle. Dave had her dress "tailor-made" in Nanchang. Oops....he said it is too small. So much for the measuring. You can see her how nice and plump and healthy she is. Thank you for the prayers. Dave said Kate is feeling better.

It has become the tradition that all of the babies from an adoption group take a photo in traditional Chinese silk outfits on one of the red couches in the White Swan. Usually all of the babies are crying in these "red couch" photos. I am shocked that none of the babies in our group are crying (although Dave says they eventually did).


  1. Glad to hear Kate is feeling better. Love the Red couch pictures. Just a couple more days mom and you'll get to hold your newest little one.

  2. I missed that update that Kate had a fever! I did happen to pray for good health for your family last night, and am so glad to see the update that Kate is feeling better!


  3. Thank you all for the prayers. They are working and so appreciated.

  4. Gread Red Couch photos! That IS amazing that none of them were cying in the photo! :)

  5. Kim,

    We are so glad Kate is feeling better! The red couch pictures are
    great. They all look so cute and content, amazing none are crying. I Love Kate's outfit and the shoe's match way to go Dave! Kate looks so adorable in every picture, we just love seeing her.

    Love, Aunt Doonie & Uncle Moon

  6. Kate Emerson looks so beautiful in her dress. I'm glad they got the picture on the red couch!

    I'm glad Kate is feeling better. Fevers can be such a worry.

    They'll be home soon!

  7. I could eat them with a spoon! What a beautiful bunch!

    So happy to Kate is feeling better,


  8. We've been praying for Miss Kate and her travel partners! My Katie has been sick too. We are headed over to the WS tonight at 4:45 for a red couch photo as well. I will be looking for your crew while we are there!


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