Please Pray

Monday, April 2, 2007
Please pray for Kate. Dave called in the middle of the night to tell me that she has a fever. He thinks maybe she picked something up when she had her medical exam. Today they had their US consulate appointment and tomorrow they have a swearing in ceremony where she gets her US passport. Wednesday they come home. Please pray that our Kate is healthy enough to travel.
Thank you.


  1. You bet I'll be praying! Hang in there....they'll be home very soon.


  2. I am sure it will pass quickly and they will be home very soon. We will be thinking of you guys and them on the flight HOME!!

  3. Kim, (in case you're not checking email..)
    There is a Canadian run 24 hr. hospital/clinic at the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou. It's a ten min. ride from the WS. It has a few English speaking doctors including an Austrailian pediatrician. Their guide can make an appointment for them and most likely get them in right away. Otherwise, the OTC meds - like dimetapp or tylenol cold should do the trick. She's a strong little girl, don't worry.

  4. praying for a healthy,smooth and safe return for all in the group...prayers are being said for our special darling to feel much better real soon


  5. Hi Kim,
    When we were in Guangzhou in November, our daughter Mylee was very sick. We went both to a Chinese hospital and the clinic in the White Swan. The doctor in the White Swan clinic did not speak English but her assistant did. They treated us very well and more importantly, were able to give us something to make our baby get better. I'll be praying for your little one.



Thank you for your kindness.