Last few days in China

Tuesday, April 3, 2007
Like my dress?

My men ROCK! Here is Kate eating breakfast in her pajamas with a bow!

On they way to a Buddhist temple for a blessing.

Dave said the Buddhist temple was very moving. They lit incense and were able to make three wishes.

In the lobby of the White Swan before the US swearing in. Kate now has her US passport and Visa. She is ours forever! Dave did so well dressing her. He got tights on her and he must have bought those shoes for her there because I didn't send them. Bad news... Dave said that Kate does not like shoes. We may have to work on that.

At Lucy's with Rob and Hannah. Rob's wife has been home with their daughter and we have been supporting one another here (via e-mail and phone and web-cams). Thank you Heather!

When I talked to Dave this morning..I could actually hear him smiling. He was the happiest he has been in a long time. He is so in love with Kate Emerson. He told me we won the prize. They had just finished bathing and he said it was the first bath she did not cry during. He said she ate tons of his pasta bolognese last night even though she had already finished her dinner. Dave suggested I come to the airport with food for her tomorrow night.
Will told me that Kate loves to lay and play with her feet and that she can stand holding onto the bed or couch. Last week they did not even think she could roll over and now she is standing! I guess she didn't want to show them all of her tricks at once. They had a great last day in China. Dave was the only one in our group who wanted to go to the pearl market so he and Kate went with the guide (not sure what Will did). Kate's birthstone is pearl so he bought some gifts to give her as she gets older. I think he might have bought a little something for me too. They were getting ready to go to sleep and when they wake up they begin the very long journey home (25 hours of travel). Please pray for their safe and easy travel. Tomorrow I meet my daughter. I don't know who to hug and kiss first. I miss them all so much.


  1. You have taught Dave very well! The shoes he picked out for Kate are adorable! I'm sure you will have her loving shoes in no time.

    I know you'll be busy, but I can't wait for an update once Kate is home with her entire family!

    Lots of prayers headed your way!


  2. Kim, we are all prayig for their safe journey home. I can't even imagine your anticipation. Enjoy!Enjoy! What a happy anticipation it is. Can't wait to get an update on the arrival.

    Luv to all!
    Aunt Dot

  3. I am DYING to see you hold that baby! I feel so blessed to be able to follow this journey. It makes me so excited for our referral!

    Prayers for safe travels!

  4. Kimber, I am so excited for you. I'm in China right now, couldn't sleep and wanted to check in to see how your family was doing. Your family is beautiful and I can't wait until your beautiful baby girl is in your arms.


  5. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE... Did I say CUTE! Love the bows, the shoes, the dress, etc... I am so glad that Dave and Will took advantage of their incredible trip to China! It sounds like they did not miss a thing! Who said you can't shop, eat great food, and buy pearls toting a beautiful almost one year old!!! Kim, I am so excited for you to love up your Jiangxi Beauty, and those incredible men of yours tomorrow! I look forward to seeing your pictures from your "Gotcha Kate" evening, and hearing more about your family of five!!! Thank you for sharing so much with me! Blessings, Diana
    (5 weeks to Ruby Day!!!)

  6. Kim - I hope you're able to sleep a little tonight. Praying that your family has an uneventful trip home. May you have a blessed reunion with your boys tomorrow. Congratulations on their homecoming and we in WI are wishing you and your whole family a future filled with joy and love. Welcome home little Kate.

  7. Hi Kim - I cried when I read your entry today. Kate looked so beautiful and it appears to have been such an emotional day! I didn't get much else from the guys yesterday, so I lived vicariously through your entry today! Can't wait to see you holding Kate and I am pretty waited out to see our Hannah! Blessings to you and your whole family.
    Love, Heather

  8. Kim, if you have a chance to talk to Dave when they are in the airport on layover, tell him to capture some pictures of you as you see and hold your daughter for the first time. I know that emotions will be running high (I am getting emotional for you just typing this) but I have a feeling you would look back on the pictures and remember your exact feelings when you met your daughter for the first time. (I would love to see the photos too!!)

  9. Michele,

    Never fear....I have a friend who will be taking pictures and video at the airport.


  10. We are praying for a safe and comfortable journey for your family. Your husband and son are so wonderful. I love the photo of your son feeding Kate.

    Can't wait to see you all as a complete family together. Thanks for sharing your stories.

    With love,
    Lisa, Tim, Jack, and Lily from Nanfeng

  11. Lisa, (Lily's Mom)

    Please e-mail me (click on my profile). I have lost your blog and e-mail and have so many things I would like to ask you!


  12. Hi Kim, sooooooooo exciting to know that Kate is coming home tomorrow. I'm sending you positive thoughts and prayers for a smooth transition. I know that you'll be so happy to have them all home together. :)

    Another countdown begins!!!

    Snick :)

  13. Hi Kimber,

    Hug Kate or the Wonder Boys first??? Too hard to decide! I vote you have a big 5 member family group hug first!!!

    Know that I will be with you in spirit tomorrow night! So happy for you and your family....and for being able to share in this amazing experience!

    Love and prayers to all of you!



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