Village outside of Nanchang

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Elissa, she loves the stacking cups. Dave said they are good for an hour worth of stimulation. Thank you!

Willie in his new Chinese shirt from Walmart. I asked him what it said and he said he has no idea. But it is his favorite color--orange!

So cute!

Katie Ru eating at the big buffet in the hotel.

This is right outside of the hotel. Will is leaning. The buildings are not.

They went to a village outside of the city yesterday. Will got tremendous joy giving candy to some of the little children. Dave said he made friends easily.

Another friend.

This is a group of men playing cards and that is a pool table. Dave said some things are simply universal.

Dave is wearing Kate in a Mei Tai carrier (thank you Shana for the suggestion) and it is working really well. Dave made friends too.

This is a family kitchen in the village. Dave said they were getting ready to prepare lunch.

Dave said this is where people buy their daily meat on the side of the road. He said..."It was oinking this morning and is in the wok by tonight."

An update on Miss Kate....A nurse in our travel group tired to feed Kate a bottle and realized that it appears as though she has thrush. Thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions on getting her to drink. We are trying to get her to a doctor for the thrush. Dave was able to get almost an entire bottle in her with a medicine dropper. Apparently, sucking of any kind is just too painful. Poor angel.

The great news is she is an awesome sleeper. So, those of you who know me know that you could literally set your clocks by Will and Harry's sleep schedule when they were little (now too, actually). Kate sleeps on her tummy and falls asleep easily in the crib. She sleeps through the night for about 10-12 hours. AND she naps at about one in the afternoon for about 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours. Dave said she also takes a morning snooze in the carrier. I know this all might change when she gets home but it looks like she appreciates a good routine (just like me)! I actually prayed for a good sleeper. Thank you, Lord.

Dave said she is a really easy going, sweet baby and that she only whines when something is actually hurting or bothering her. We really think once the scabies (if she had it) and the thrush are gone, she'll be even easier. When I see them on the webcam, she just gazes up at her Daddy with such adoration in her eyes. She loves to touch his little five o'clock shadow. He is really falling in love with her too. I recognize the look in his eyes.


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  2. Kim,
    So glad to hear that things are settling down and that there is a nurse in your group who was there to assist!!! Dave must be so relieved! Tell him that carrier looks great on him!!! We are praying daily for team Swales!

  3. Kim, This is absolutely wonderful. She is as cute as cute can be. The bow looks great and all this so exciting for Will. Every morning, the first thing I do is check you blog.

    Luv, Aunt Dot

  4. Hi Kim,

    Thanks so much for my daily "fix". Happy to hear everything is going smoothly and hopefully the thrush will be cleared up in no time.

    Sounds like Dave, Will, and Kate are doing just great! I'm sure you and Harry are enjoying your special time together, too.


  5. Thrush!!!? Why did I not think of that!!? It is awfully painful! I've had patients with it and it is agonizing. Will is just adorable with her. You all are so truly blessed to all have eachother.

  6. Congratulations on your beautiful new daughter.

    We are SO enjoying reading your blog and it is bringing back many memories of our recent trip to gather our Nanfeng daughter Lily Lu, into our arms.

    Your husband and son are troopers. You must be so proud of them! We also bought the Baby Hawk Mei Tai and just love it. He does look great in it. Tell him to pull it up a bit and it may be more comfortable. (It looked a little low)

    I will bet they can't wait to get to the White Swan Hotel.

    All the best.

    Lisa, Tim, Jack and Lily in California.

  7. I noticed a white area on the tongue in one of her photos but just thought it was a geographic tongue (my Hannah has that)....good observation by the nurse. Hope treating it helps her eat.

  8. We are praying for little Kate. Hope she is feeling better soon.
    We just could eat her up she is just so adorable, we love looking at her pictures. Thank you so much Will and Dave your doing an amazing job!!!! We just can't wait to meet our precious niece. First thing Uncle moon says when he gets home "let me see the new pictures of precious Kate".

    Will, we are so proud of you!

    Love, Aunt Doonie & Uncle Moon

  9. Glad things are going well. I love the photos of daily life..those are some of my favs from our trip. Hey, stacking cups are a hit with every baby. If I could only take one toy to Vietnam with us that would be it! Oh, and a lot of stuff for Annslee of course..she is no longer amused by them LOL
    I love the brotherly love you can just see on Will's face : )

  10. Kim! Congratulations! I have just read up on your blog (I've been in the hospital this week having kidney surgery unexpectedly...better now than China!) so I missed your big week! But I have read everything over and over again and I am amazed and rejoicing with you! Kate Emmerson is beautiful and your husband and son are truly amazing!

    God is SO good!

    Love, a fellow Autum Dreamer & sister,
    LID 10/28/05 - WE ARE NEXT!!

  11. Hi Kim - Kat Emerson has a bow in and it looks great!! The pics of Will with the locals are really good too. Hope you and Harry are doing well. Thinking of you...


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