Shopping and the Park-Nanchang

Thursday, March 29, 2007
Oh Mom, how long do I have to hang out with these boys? I need some girl time.

Click on this photo to see it larger. It is really pretty (and they did a really nice job styling Kate's hairbow). They went to a park in a non-tourist area where they were the only people in the park who were not Chinese. Dave said the local people were fascinated by the boy, his Dad and a Chinese baby.

Will getting his exercise in the park. Apparently the locals were fascinated by this. Later, Will had a really hard time breathing and needed his inhaler. Dave said the air is very heavy with pollution.

The child make friends wherever he goes!

Dave said this is where they went shopping (I think). He did not go the tourist stores. Supposedly, they ventured out to a local shop. Dave bought some locally produced porcelain, a hand painted tea set for Kate, some bracelets, a celadon vase, porcelain chopsticks, and some silk clothes. He had a traditional silk dress, hat and shoes tailor made for Kate. He will buy some more factory made ones for her later but he wanted one really special Chinese dress.

Will conversing with a local police officer. Good job, Will. Make friends with the law. Sorry these last two are out of focus. Dave "claims" it is hard to take pictures with a squirming baby in your arms;)


Speaking of dinner, Kate took her first bottle from Dave!!!!!! He is not sure if she genuinely has thrush or not but he snuck a bottle in. He wonders if it was a trust issue. He said that she is really starting to bond with them and play with them more. He notices a HUGE difference. Dave thought Kate was just laid back but he said now he thinks she was detached those first two days. She is really coming out of her shell now. I think it is so awesome how intuitive he is and how he is figuring this all out. I have never been so proud of my husband and my son. Thank you so much for all of the support, encouragement and prayers. They mean the world to us all.


  1. Sounds like Miss Kate is doing well. I love the pic of Will with the boys..every picture we have of local kids in China they are doing the peace sign..too funny!

  2. I love all the photos! That is the cutest outfit on Kate!

  3. Honestly that girl looks great in every color!!!!! Her skin is gorgeous!!!! So glad that she is coming around, and doing better! Dave and Will - You guys ROCK!!!!
    Can't wait to meet you in person someday! (Because Ruby and I are going to find a reason to be in VA.) Thanks for sharing your gorgeous new addition! -Diana

  4. It was so great to see Kate, Will & Dave on skype webcam. Kate looks great, she was laughing while Dave was doing "rasberries" on her belly.
    They are doing an awsome job with her you can just see the trust, just the way she looks at them. It's adorable.
    I love all of the pictures, we are enjoying everyone. She's starting to pose, she has to get ready for "the mom and aunt paparazzi"!

    Love, Aunt Doonie

    Love, Aunt Doonie

  5. Kim,

    What awesome men you have there. I love watching Will. He is so grown up!

    Kate is sure to have a lot of fun with her big brothers!

    Iknow you must be anxious to get Your guys and baby girl into your arms!


  6. What a great pair of guys you have there. It's so wonderful that your Will can make friends wherever he goes. Such a great attribute to have for the rest of his life! Kate sounds/looks like she is coming along wonderfully with her new Baba and Ge Ge. :-)


  7. Kim,
    I have been obsessively checking your blog ever since Staci sent me the link! Kate is beautiful and it looks like she is already a perfect fit for your family. I hope things continue to go well for all of you. Take care!
    ~Lisa (Staci's babysitter)


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