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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
I literally begged Dave to send just a few more pictures. Poor guy. It was midnight and he was exhausted but this is what I got. Thank you to those who suggested Kate might have scabies. We are looking into that and we have a prescription for her and the boys. It did not dawn on us right away (even though it is common there) because she was in foster care. Please continue to pray for Dave, Will and Kate. Cutie Kate will not take a bottle and Dave is giving her liquids through a syringe. I know they'll be fine but prayer would help.
Yep, that is a bow.
Kate Emerson's first time in a high chair. We know it is ideally best to feed her in our laps for bonding but Dave needed to have some free hands here.

This is just moments before they met Kate. Will's smile is so genuine. Dave's is so nervous. He said the bench was vibrating from their excitement/nervousness.

This is one of the guides who has been a tremendous help. Dave said she has held Kate and made her smile. Thank you Vanessa!


  1. She is beautiful and I love the bow :-)


  2. A BOW- truly an amazing feat!

    What an awesome experience for Will. He must be such a special little man!


  3. Little Kate is just so cute. Aunt Doonie loves the bow. Will your doing a fantastic Job!

  4. Kim,
    For the liquids, have Dave try a sippy cup (if he can find one). I have a friend whose 6 month old refused the bottle, but had no trouble with a sippy cup.
    Our family is following along with you guys. We are so excited for you and are loving all the pictures. Can't wait to meet her in person.

  5. Hi
    Beatrix here from OCT DTC. We had Vanessa on our trip in 2001 and will hopefully have her again in the NEAR future. She was great.

    Congratulations on a beautiful baby!
    Mom to Ava DeMeng, 6

  6. Kim
    Our precious beautiful little girl looks darling with a bow in her hair.Dave and Will, I cannot thank you enough for all your kindness,caring and hard work to get kate home to us...I know how challenging it has been, but it will be over soon and the entire Swales family will be together..

    praying for you safe return

    love to all

  7. Wevcwere told babaies in Chian liked their bottles HOT. Not so with Jane. We used 6 scoops of formula, 4 scoops of rice cereal, cut the nipple bigger, and added 2-3 oz. of boiled water (enough to disslolve the formula, then COLD bottled water.

    If the bottle was even barely warm she refused it. Once it hit rookm temp- she loved it. This is how we do it now.

    BTW She is DARLING!!!

    Amy C

  8. Well, you KNOW I love that bow! My advice- keep bows in her hair every day so she'll be used to them (that's why Sophie Lu never takes hers out)!

    Regarding the bottle-- Sophie wouldn't take one at first either. It was the American bottles I brought. Tell Dave to find a bottle there at the local store... Sophie liked the bottles that had little cartoon characters on them (not sure what they're called- but it's worth a try). :)

    Hugs, Shana


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