Traveling Day

Friday, March 30, 2007
Thinking about the next play.
My little soccer star.

I might get a few pictures and an update from Dave today but I might not. When we spoke last they were getting ready to do a last bit of shopping in Nanchang and then heading to the airport to fly to Guangzhou. It will be Kate's first airplane ride and the first time she has left the province in which she was born and has lived her short life thus far. I hope she enjoyed the flight.

So, not that it is interesting at all but I thought I'd let you know what Harry and I have been doing while they were gone. Harry has been very busy with 2 soccer games, 2 birthday parties, a t-ball meeting, a sleepover, school and Mom time. We have had a few dinner dates out at his favorite places and I let him sleep with me once (which he had never done). It was very snuggly.

I have cooked and frozen some meals for when they return. I have changed all the closets over to summer clothes, written my thank you notes for various gifts and begun painting Kate's bathroom (pink). Oh and I have been the chauffeur for Master Harrison's activities. I have also ordered Kate's arrival announcements, gotten an estimate for an invisible fence for Scout and scheduled some yard work (mulching, fertilizing etc.) to be done before Dave gets home as a surprise! I want to accomplish a few more things before they return but I mostly want to sit at my computer and stare at my daughter. We are trying to keep busy to pass the time and I think it is working. We have been quite industrious. Check back in a few hours. I asked Dave to take a picture of Kate on her 1st airplane ride. Maybe he'll send it soon.
I did hear very briefly from Dave. They landed safely are sleeping now at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou. Kate Emerson did well on the plane.


  1. Way to go Harry, I heard you scored 2 goals, That's great!!!!

    My kim you sure have been keeping you believe it's already friday, they will be home before you know it. You will have precious Kate in your arms very soon.

    Love, Aunt Doonie

  2. Harry's so cute! Looking forward to seeing pictures very soon of you holding Kate in your arms!


  3. Kim I keep opening up the pictures and just staring at Kate. She is beautiful! She will be with you before you know it. How special that Will is playing such an important part in this. And Dave is just unbelievable. On the other hand, Harry has done quite a good job keeping Mom occupied.

    Love to all!
    Aunt Dot

  4. Glad you have Harry to keep you busy! He's doing a great job! Just a few more days till your girl (and boys) are home!

    I didn't know Harry's name is Harrison! Very cute :) I'm sure he is enjoying all of this special time with mom.



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