Guangzhou I

Saturday, March 31, 2007
Daddy and Kate in the Nanchang airport. That is her Chinese passport.

Will took this during the medical exam.

Kate's first plane ride. I heard she did well. Sorry about the arm (it's Dave) there on the left of the picture. I could not crop it out.

Kate Emerson's medical exam. She did well. One of the babies in our group had to go to the hospital and two babies needed to follow up with Western doctors. Please pray for them. I cannot imagine how scared the parents must feel.

I was starting to feel very concerned (and a little upset) because I had not heard from Dave in over 24 hours. He usually tries to catch us at either 7 a.m. or 7 p.m. and we had not heard from them since Thursday night. Apparently his computer is broken. So, he sent these on a friend's computer. Thanks Rob! They like the White Swan a lot and seem to be settling in. He said the room service was great. He ordered fish and chips and Kate ate about half of his fish! They arrive home in 4 days. Thank the Lord!


  1. PTL that Kate's doing great!!! I know you are relieved that her exam went well. So sorry to hear about the other babies. Is Hannah ok? We will be praying for your group! I continue to be impressed with your boys, and the pink bow in place perfectly everyday!!! She is just such a cutie!!!! Hang in there, it will be your "Gotcha Eve" soon!!! Love, Diana

  2. We are so glad to hear Kate's exam went well and she was ok on her first plane ride. She looks so precious in her pictures. We hope Dave can get his computer to work, I don't know what we will do with out our daily pictures and updates.
    Just think a couple more days they'll be home and you will all be together.

    Love, Auntie Doonie & Uncle Moon

  3. Katie Ru - you are being so brave!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers all of the time!!! I love you sweet pea! Love, your god mother Aunt Staci

  4. Kim,
    I am so glad our precious beautiful darling passed her medical exam and liked her 1st plane ride...yippee!! hope she does as well on the long one coming up...I see such a big difference in her eyes since you first got her...she is more secure...I so wish I could see your face when you hold her and see her for the first time.

    Dave and Will,thanks for doing such a fantastic job..i am so very proud of 2 of my favorite men and Harry too for keeping mom sane these 2 weeks..good job Harry!!

    after being a grandmom for 18 years and having 7 wonderful grandsons i finally have my little darling grandaughter..Thanks Kim and Dave.

    praying for a smooth and safe return so you will all be together real soon...

    i love you all!!

  5. Kim,

    So happy to hear that Kate's medical exam went well! I will pray for the other babies in your group that are not doing as well.

    It wont be too much longer until you have all of your family together! Hang in there and thanks for keeping us updated.



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