Some pictures from Beijing

Friday, March 23, 2007
These are the first pictures Dave e-mailed me from China. He said the flight was really cool. They flew over Greenland and Siberia. He said the view was amazing. His exact words were "Greenland is covered by an ice sheet - geologists dream to see views like that - crevasses and ice, continental glaciation as far as we could see from 35000 feet. It was awesome. We also flew over Siberia. I know why the Russians sent prisoners there. It was a snowy barren wasteland. We couldn't see a road or town for an hour of flying. It was completely barren. In the US west for example, you can always see some rural road or tiny town every few minutes even in Nevada or Utah. Over Siberia - nothing. We flew right over the North Pole. It never got dark during the 14 hour flight because of going over the north pole at night in springtime. "

Hmm... maybe that is why they only slept for 3 hours on the plane?

Will just settling in for the 14 hour flight. He has his own TV and is looking happy!

Will right after the 14 hour flight and a cold set in mid-flight...not looking too happy!

Our guide, Mrs. Li immediately took to Will and Emma. She walked down the street in Beijing holding their hands.

Will and Emma in front of the Peking Duck restaurant.

This passerby asked to have her picture taken with Will. Hmmm?

City Life

Mrs. Li showing them the proper way to eat the Peking duck.
As I write this, they are probably descending the Great Wall and getting ready to find some lunch. I imagine they will send those pictures tomorrow.

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  1. My son and I took piano lessons from a woman that grew up in Siberia! She was *brilliant* but not a very warm personality. lol


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