They are in Beijing

Friday, March 23, 2007
Dave and Will are sleeping soundly in their hotel in Beijing. Unfortunately, Dave has not been able to get his wireless connection working on the new laptop yet. He plans to utilize the business center in a few hours to send me pictures. In the meantime, my friend Heather has some pictures of our group that include Will and Dave posted on her site. Click on Hannah under Adoption Sites on the lower right hand side. She has them under March 23rd. Thanks Heather for sharing!

Here is what I know:

1. Will came down with a nasty cold on the plane (and we have been loading him up with airborne, probiotics and vitamins).
2. They only slept about 3 hours on the flight over.
3.Will has become very good friends with Emma (an eight year old girl traveling with our group).
4. They had a delicious Peking duck dinner when they arrived.
5. After dinner, they were outside taking photos and some "young, hip kids"(early twenties or late teens) wanted their picture taken with Will. How cute!
6. Will is thrilled to be in China but he told Dave that China is not what he expected. I think he was envisioning a more rural area than Beijing based on the books he has been perusing.
7. They ought to be sleeping now because in a few hours they will be climbing the Great Wall of China.
8. MOST IMPORTANTLY..they will have Kate at 10 a.m. Monday morning (which is 10 p.m. Sunday night EST). I am so excited for them.

Just in case anyone was wondering what I am doing...I have cooked four meals and frozen them for when they get home. Can anyone say "nervous energy?" I would love any recipes that freeze well while I am on this cooking kick!

I promise to post more as I know. Thank you for all the nice comments. They mean a lot to me and I am saving them for Kate.


  1. So happy they've arrived safe and sound! Can't wait to follow along on their journey.

    Hey, sounds like the boys might not only come home with your daughter but a daughter-in-law, too!

    So, so happy for you!


  2. It's wonderful to hear that they have made it safe and sound. I am so excited to follow your family's journey!

  3. So happy they are all there! I have posted some pics on our website that include Dave and Will (well, I sent them and once they are received they will be posted). Use some until you get Dave's if you want. I'm sorry Will has a cold, but I'm certain you packed a pharmacy too, so that should be resolved relatively quickly! Thinking of you, Harry, Kate Emerson and your traveling men.

    Love, Heather and Emily

  4. Kim,

    We just can't believe it's finally here...We prayed for a safe trip. It's been so exciting reading about every step,(even the other blog) to see the pictures of Dave and Will in China.

    We love the picture of D&W walking with their packpacks and luggage. What a great experience they are going to enjoy together.

    We can't wait to see Kate in Dave and Will arms. Only a couple more days.

    Ashton loves seeing everyones pictures he gets so excited.

    Love, Ashton, Doon & Moon

  5. I am so excited to to follow your family's journey. Dave and Will are so close...they will have your little Kate Emerson in their arms before you know it. Thinking of you with excitment and prayers...

    Beth - from the "Emerson" family :)
    LID 10/26/05

  6. Dear Kim,

    So happy to read that Dave & Will have arrived in China. Kate will surely know how much her new family loves her. You are all in our prayers.



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