The Great Wall-Beijing

Saturday, March 24, 2007
Dave is having a difficult time with his computer so he is e-mailing me the photos and some brief descriptions. Any errors are all mine. They are having a blast! Will is soaking in every detail and he is very popular with the Chinese girls. Apparently, the local young ladies all want their picture taken with him. I hope it doesn't go to his head. Click on the photos to enlarge and see the details.
Dad and son at the Great Wall.

Emma and Will in front of a weapons display at the Great Wall. Will says she talks as much as he does. I have trouble believing that but maybe he has met his match. They certainly are having fun.

The whole group at the Great Wall.

Apparently out of the entire group Will and Jim (who is travelling as a friend/helper to another Dad) made it the farthest up the wall. They are all anticipating sore thighs tomorrow as it was very steep. I guess all of that energy Will has always had served him well. Interestingly, it is Jim and Will that the locals want their pictures with also.

Beautiful view.

Dave said there are parts of the wall that are newer than others. The wall was started over 500 years ago and has been added to by three dynasties (according to the guide).

A park at the base of the Great Wall.

This is a stadium being built for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Dave thought it might be for soccer or track and field. Dave said there is a lot of construction going on in preparation for the Olympics and the people of Beijing are extremely honored to have been chosen as the host.

The mascot for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Everyone was given a stuffed Panda yesterday. Will loves it but I think it was meant for Kate Emerson.

After climbing the Great Wall, the group enjoyed a dumpling lunch and then visited a jade factory. This is our travel group at the jade factory. They were able to see the rough cutting, fine carving and polishing processes. Of course, my geologist husband probably loved this. Dave bought a few things for the kids but nothing for Mommy:(

Next, they visited a silk factory. This is a local woman working there. According to Dave, the guide told them to leave everything in the bus except their cameras. So, Dave could have bought silk blankets and comforters for a song but he "claims" to have left his money in the bus. He also claims that he did not see any "Kimmy" designs. As much as a shopper as I am, my husband is the "anti-shopper."

Here are the silk worms and cocoons. Will told Harry that the lady gave him a few to take. Not sure customs will allow that back into the US though. According to Dave, each cocoon produces 1,600 meters worth of silk thread (about a mile). They do everything at this factory from harvesting the silk to making the bedspreads. A silk blanket cost about $70 and a bedspread about $140.
Tomorrow, they do a little more sightseeing in Beijing. Then they will fly to Nachang where they will check into the hotel and get a good night sleep (doubtful). The next morning, they will meet Kate Emerson at about 10 a.m. That is 10 p.m. Sunday night our time. From that moment on, she will be with her forever family.


  1. yeah! okay, I finally figured out how to publish something even though I forgot my password - the anonymous option does wonders! Kim, I just wanted to check in and let you know that you and your whole family (my precious god daughter, Kate Emerson included) are in my thoughts and prayers. It is so cool seeing pictures of Dave and Will in China. I can't believe that what has seemed, for so long,like only a dream is now a reality. all my love, Staci

  2. Your husband isn't a shopper??????? OMGoodness! Tell him to shop!!!!!!!
    tee hee

    Snick, anxious for news/rumours about the matching room!!
    Snick, hoping to be next!!!
    Lid Oct 31/05

  3. Hi Kim - the pictures of the Great Wall are well, great - it seems as though Emma and Will are getting along - how incredibly cute is that? We have begun the countdown to seeing them with our daughters - I can hardly stand it. I have not heard from Rob since before the Great Wall - I hope he's okay. Today, I lived vicariously through your site! Hope you and Harry are doing super.
    Love, Heather

  4. Don't worry about not getting something in Beijing -- 'cause there is a 7 story PEARL MARKET in Guangzhou! Drop a few hints now, and he'll probably get them!

    BTW, the Oympic stadium they took pictures of is affectionately referred to as "The Birds' Nest" and is for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, as well as the Track and Field events. We were in Beijing in November, and that's what our guide told us.

    My boys loved China as much as we (Daddy & I) did. It looks like your son is having a great time. Only a couple more days now,,,

  5. What great pictures -it reminds me of our time there. Can't wait to see the pictures tomorrow.

  6. Hi Kim! First of all, I think it is so great that Will has a friend already. They look like siblings!!!! What a blessing for him to experience this awesome trip with someone his own age too!!! I can't believe that today if FINALLY here for all of you! I am so excited to see more pictures from China. And, of course so anxious to see Kate Emerson with her Daddy and big brother. What a glorious day it is! Your prayers are being answered! I am praying for Kate!!! I pray that her transition will be seemless and that she will feel loved and safe from the minute she gets into her Daddy's arms tonight!!!!
    Blessings, Diana


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