Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I am really sad today. Our agency thought we would have received our TA (travel approval) from China this week. Unfortunately, we learned today that it will be mailed from China on Thursday and our agency expects to receive it on Monday, March 12th. Once they get the TA, they schedule an appointment with the US consulate for our final adoption in China. Then, they work backwards from that date about 2 weeks and book our trip. Now our very tentative travel dates have shifted to March 28th-April 12th. Some people who received their referrals the same day as we did leave for China this weekend to meet their daughters. I am thrilled for them and wish we were going along with them.

I know this is only a week later but we will not be together as a family for Easter. Easter is a very special holiday in our family. It is the biggest celebration of our faith and we have always had really special Easters. In fact, Dave proposed to me on Easter Day in 1995! Oh and I bought Kate Emerson the cutest Easter dress and bunny bow (above).

Please pray that our travel will not be delayed anymore. I know there are bigger problems to pray for but any prayers would be appreciated. I just want Kate home. I have shed a lot of tears today. Also, please pray for my Mom as she is having eye surgery tomorrow. Thanks.


  1. Oh Kim, I'm so sorry to hear this. It is so hard when you know all about her, and yet, due to bureaucratic nightmares, you just can't go get her fast enough.

    Hang in there kiddo.


  2. Kim,

    I am so sorry. Just know that each and every Easter you celebrate from this year on you will have your precious girl with you. She is yours forever and will be there for every single moment from now on.

    I will pray that she is home with you when you expect her, and that there is no further delay. I will also pray for your mother, and hope that she has a speedy recovery.

    Thank you again for the email. You are such a wonderful person with such a big heart.



  3. This is really sad to hear...i really hope that you can celebrate Easter with your's a great time to be with the family...and well you can also try visiting my blog on Easter Wishes sometime and check out all the stuff i've posted there on Easter...i'm sure you'll enjoy your visit!!

  4. Kim,

    Im so sorry things were delayed. It is amazing how much we already love our little girls and it is just so hard to see precious time taken away. Im trying to work through my own greif with not getting our referral-- so I understand how you feel.

    Keep your chin up and remember, she will still get to wear her dress-- just a week or so late :)


  5. Kim, I'm lifting your family up in prayer. Praying for a quick TA and that your mom's surgery goes well.


  6. I'm so sorry Kim. Everything happens for a reason...we never really understand at the time. Your family is so strong at 4 and your daughter is so close to being with you all...completing your circle. The day is near.

  7. Oh Kim, I'm sorry about the delay in your travel approval. I hope and pray that you will have the travel approval in your hands and Kate Emerson in your arms very soon!

    Hang in there and I hope your mother's surgery went well.

    Take care!



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