New Pictures of Kate Emerson!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007
After the sad news yesterday, our agency was the bearer of good news today. This process has always felt like a roller coaster ride. These are new pictures of Kate. It looks as though they were taken about a month ago. She looks the same to me.... beautiful and healthy! Click on them to enlarge.

They have her in the street again! Isn't that too funny? I am wondering if she lives in an urban part of this village. I wonder if that is her foster Mom? I am so grateful to that woman for loving Kate while we wait for her. I pray for her everyday.

In the second picture her mouth is blocked by the bar on the walker. I cannot wait for my excellent photographer friend, Elissa to take pictures of Kate. She will not be in traffic.

Thank you for all your kinds words and supportive comments yesterday. They really lifted my spirits.


  1. Kim, she is adorable! I'm so glad you were able to get updated photos. I sure do hope your TA and upcoming travel go smoothly. We are still waiting for ours - hopefully this week. We will be thinking about ya!
    Kim (aka glassmaker)

  2. Kim,

    I love those cheeks! Honestly, I've been sitting here and playing cyber paper dolls. I can just picture your beautiful daughter in all of the beautiful clothes you have picked out for her.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Kate Emerson's photo shoot (minus the traffic!)


  3. I love the photos..what a blessing that you have a photo of her foster mom (if that is who she is)She looks healthy ..and I love all the clothes..the way they bundle the babies cracks me up. You end up peeling them off and going..wait, where is my chubby baby? Hope you get your TA soon.

  4. Kim,
    Her hair is longer, and she looks so adorable!!!! Obviously, that is her favorite coat!:) She and Ru look a lot a like. Perhaps a photo shoot together some time?
    Can't wait for you to get that girl home where she belongs!!!!
    Is it April yet? so I too can bring my girl home!!! Loving my little Ru more and more every minute! Love, Diana

  5. Those sweet cheeks! What joy those cheeks will bring to your family!


Thank you for your kindness.