Possible Travel Next Week!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
It is possible that Dave and Will will be flying on a jet plane to China next Thursday. Our agency is doing their best to try to make this happen. They thought we would know this morning but we don't know yet. We know that consulate appointments are available for that time frame and we know our agency has sent the second request asking for them. So, we are just waiting for confirmation. This is absolutely a joyous possibility. This means that our family could be home for Easter and that I could hold my daughter a lot earlier than I thought I would. Please continue to pray that this all works out. I am at peace if it does not but I am hoping and wishing and praying that it does.

Please also continue pray for my Mom. She is still having some complications from her eye surgery. After the recent loss of my stepfather, this is really the last thing she needs.



  1. Kim - We will be praying for your mom and for your CA! We are still hopeful we will be leaving next week as well (on Thursday). We will have to compare schedules when we get them and see if we can meet up somewhere!
    Get packing because I'm believing we both will be going next week!!

  2. Hi Kim, I came across your site via Amy C's site. Praying you will be able to travel next week and also for your mom.


    You *may* have KE home for Easter! That is what I have been praying for, after you posted the post with the little bunny bow. Once I saw it I just kept praying, 'Lord, please have KE home for Easter!!!!' And now, that could happen! I bet you are just over the moon!!!!!! Congrats!

    And if it doesn't work out...once you have her in her arms it won't matter any more. I know that right now, the difference of traveling a few days later seems like the world to you, but once she's home, it won't matter a bit. I know, I know, easier siad then done. But I am glad you are at peace right now!

    Abbey~Mommy to Emerson Kate...lol!

  4. Praying for you mom and your CA! How exciting that they may be leaving next week!

  5. Hi Kim,

    Add me to the list of people praying that your whole family is together for Easter!

    I'll be praying for your mom, too.


  6. Hey, Kimber, it's GOING to happen!! So happy to hear your news!!!

    Sunshine and I just had our TwinRix shots (#1 for her #3 for me) and I have my travel size-everything!! It will happen!! I believe...you'll have your precious girl home by Easter!!

    So sorry to hear about your mom's difficulties.

    dd Sunshine
    lid Oct 31/05 Next??!~

  7. Oh Kim, what wonderful news! We will pray for speedy travel!


Thank you for your kindness.