Quick Update

Thursday, March 15, 2007
Just a quick update because we are so tired. We drove to DC today to complete the last bit of paperwork required for our travel. It was neat to be in the Chinese Embassy. They have authenticated so many pieces of paper for this process but I had always used a courier before so we had never seen it. The good news is that Dave and I secured travel visas for ourselves and many others in our travel group today! Therefore, we have each and every single piece of paperwork needed to travel to China to bring Kate Emerson home.

The other news is that we have no news yet on travel. We are still waiting for our Consulate Appointments. Our agency said that it is unusual to not know anything yet but they are hopeful that we will know something tomorrow. So, please keep hoping and praying. I am feeling very positive but I will post the confirmed dates and itinerary news as soon as I get them. I REALLY appreciate the sweet messages here and on RQ. I have met the most wonderfully supportive people on this journey!

Kate Emerson, hang in there peanut. Daddy and Willie are coming soon. They may be there in a week!


  1. I'm so happy for you all! Congratulations! And what an exciting trip for Will!


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  3. Hoping and praying!




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