Off to PA!

Thursday, March 8, 2007
Today, we leave for Pennsylvania for our travel meeting at our adoption agency. We are fortunate because the agency is in the same small town where my sister and her family live. We will also be able to check on my Mom. I talked to her yesterday and the surgery went well and we are grateful for all of the prayers sent her way!

Our meeting is tomorrow afternoon. We will get our itinerary and go over the one million pieces of paper that Dave needs to bring to China. Travel will be sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. We have plenty of pretty clothes but no bottles, medicines and other essentials! I need to get busy. We also do not have travel visas yet, so we will be going to DC to get those ASAP!

I look forward to seeing our travel group. We spent some time with them over Christmas and we e-mail pretty regularly. They are a wonderful group of people. It is great to know people who are going through the exact same things as we are.

One of the highlights of our trip ought to be....seeing the Extreme Home Makeover Team! They are re-doing a house a few doors down from my Mom's house! My Mom said that demolition is scheduled for tomorrow so we think my sister might take Will and Harry and their cousin, Ashton to see it while we are at our meeting.

Otherwise, we will go Saturday to see what the team is up to. I, of course, would love to meet Ty. I have had a little crush on him ever since his early days on Trading Spaces. We'll let you know if any of us make it on TV!

So, probably no more posts until Monday. Have a great weekend.


  1. I would love to meet Ty, too!

    I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you, and of course, Miss Kate!! She is precious!

    I LOVE your baby clothes! We have very similar tastes when it comes to that! :) I was wondering...where did you get that precious bright pink smocked dress? When I saw it, I knew, my daughter 'needs' one too! :)

    We are hoping to travel next fall, so we still have awhile, and I am stocking up on baby clothes!!


  2. Hey Kimber,

    I, too, have a question! Where did you get your crib bedding? Thanks!


  3. Kimberlyn,

    The bright pink smocked dress is from Strasbug! Glad you liked it. I think it will look good with her dark hair and skin.


  4. Hannabelle,

    I got the crib bedding over a year ago at a place called Rosenberry Rooms. They have a great website with lots of crib bedding. I am not sure if they still carry it and I am in PA now but I'll look up who made it when I get home. It might be by a company called New Arrivals but I am not 100% sure.


  5. Thanks Kimber!

    I found the dress on Strasburg, I think it will look great with her dark skin and hair, too! I am going to order one! I LOVE baby girls clothes shopping. :) This will be my first, and I am having so much fun!!


  6. Kate is soooo adorable! Congrat's and hope you are having a good & interesting trip to PA!
    I read your comment on my blog regarding Meaghan Grace - Michelle is a neighbor and dear friend ~ we didn't know each other beforehand and when I was considering adopting from China I heard she WAS in the process also...the rest is history!!
    As we say, our daughter's formed our friendship even before they arrived!

  7. Ohhhh, take a picture of Ty for me if you get a chance! He is a cutie!

    Have fun and hope the travel meeting went well!
    Kim (glassmaker)

  8. Hi Kim

    Love Aunt Dottie.


Thank you for your kindness.