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Saturday, March 10, 2007

魯 丹 茹

I have been checking out a Mandarin site to look up the meaning of Kate Emerson Ru's Chinese name. My adoption buddies all translate the names and they have beautiful and poetic meanings. I have seen some that mean gift from heaven, fragrant blossom, springtime, sunshine after rain and good fortune and prosperity.

In looking up the character's of our little girl's name, this is what I have found.

丹Dan (which is her first name) means red. A Chinese person told me it means red in face. Perhaps she does have a touch of eczema.

茹 Ru (her middle name, which we are keeping) means eat. Her report does say that she likes to eat! We are foodies so she should fit right in. I have heard the babies from this region love spicy food and we do too.

魯Lu is simply the Orphanage Director's last name and is comparable to the American last name "Smith."

Okay, so it is not as glamorous as "fragrant, springtime blossom" but I guess it describes her well. She is a beautiful gift from heaven to us!


  1. Hello--I left you a comment on those clothes --they are all so so so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I just caught up I am praying you get to travel soon!!!

    Thank you again for your comment on my blog!!! --I am looking foward to following your journey!!!!

  2. Kim,

    Just thought I'd let you know you & your family have been in my prayers! I really hope Kate is home and in your arms very very soon! I know she is going to be so happy and very loved with such an amazing family!

    Again, thanks for the websites. I LOVE the furniture. If you think of any other sites, I'd be very interested to see them (since I love the 2 you recommended)! I am definitely ordering an iron bed from Charles P Rogers, and I love the furniture on the other site so just need to decide on a dresser and color.

    Thanks again! You are wonderful!

    Many many blessings,


  3. Kim,
    You should know that Ru also means 'bear'. So, her name could translate to Red Bear too. I will send it to my FIL to double check - sometimes a Cantonese translation might hold deeper meaning. (In Laws are Cantonese and Kate's province could use a mix of Mandarin and Cantonese.

  4. Can you tell me how you typed those Chinese characters? And where you were looking at the meanings? I would love to incorporate some of that into my scrapbooking. Thanks!


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