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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
About Kate Emerson

I cannot even try to replicate the amazing heartfelt entry that my husband wrote yesterday (nor would I try) but I wanted to let you have an update. Hopefully, I'll have a picture or two in a few hours (because I know that is what we all want) but Dave is too busy to send one now. He is really doing an incredible job!

Yesterday was a slow day. They went to Walmart for diapers (apparently the ones I sent are a bit small!) Those of you about to travel...they found regular old Pampers so you can get them in Nanchang.

Kate slept very well the first night. She slept over 8 hours with a brief scream about 2 am. She still will not really drink from her bottle but she is eating. She took a nice 2 hour nap in the afternoon in her crib. I like that Dave is already starting to get on a routine--you know me!

She is a scratcher and I think this is ironic. Dave said that she scratches her belly and her legs a lot. That is such a family trait. My grandmother used to scratch her legs badly and so do I and so does Will. I mean I am visit type of scratching. I cannot tell you how many times I had infections as a kid from scratching my legs (Will too).

They were about to got to a paperwork meeting (it was 7:30 p.m.there) and then bath and bed. Tomorrow (our tonight) they will go out into a rural area and tour around. Will wants to buy penny candy to give to the local children. I hope he has time. I know he will get a lot of joy from doing that. They are also going to do some local shopping. Dave will look for a small tea set for Kate as this region is known for its porcelain. He is also going to look for some traditional Chinese Silk outfits for her.
Oh, one more thing...Kate kisses Will. When I was talking on the webcamera to them, she grabbed Will's hand and kissed it. Last night, she puckered up and kissed his cheek. How awesome is that? I could just sit on the computer and watch them for hours. It is very hard to hang up.

Thank you for all of the loving comments and e-mails. Yesterday truly was the most glorious day of my entire life. To see the daughter God has chosen for us was a miracle. I cannot even imagine how it will be when I get to hold her next week.

P.S. I not usually a fan of music on blogs (I know a lot of people check in from work) and I will take this one off shortly but I kept hearing this song in my head yesterday. There is one more song that sums up our whole experince that I will add in a few days and then I promise to go back to being a "music free" blog.


  1. Good Morning Kim,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to update us. I'm sure I'm not the only one living vicariously through you!

    It might be a little bit rough for Kate when she first comes home, but it will be wonderful that you and Harry will be fresh, rested, and ready to hit the ground running! Before you know it she will be puckering up to kiss you, too!

    Enjoy another day of being a Mommy of 3!


  2. Love the updates. Your dh seems so "together" and a truly loving person/dad.

    Being a nurse, I just wanted to comment on the "scratching". Is it possible that she is scratching because of scabies. Did your dh take medication for that? I hear it's very common in China. Just a precaution. Not trying to put a damper on their journey. :-)

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  4. Yes, I imagine it would be nearly impossible to hang up that phone! Kisses already? That's wonderful! Kate will continue to feel more comfortable and she will be happier and happier each day... but just wait until she gets home and into the arms of her beautiful, loving Mommy! I can't wait to see her smiles (and yours) then!

    Lots of love to you as you wait for your family!
    Shana xoxo

  5. Kim,

    Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put in to keeping us all posted...It is just so wonderful to be able to enjoy every step with all of you. I also wanted to thank Dave for everything, It has been so exciting to be able to see Kate on skpe.
    Thank You!!!!
    Love, Ashton, Doon & Moon

  6. Congratulations!!!! I love those cheeks! She's so precious. Meizhi and I are very happy for you. And I second the comment from another poster on scabies...have it looked into as you mentioned as its highly contagious and can be a bugger to get rid of (no pun intended)
    Erin & Meizhi

  7. Love it- love the song and it is perfect for Kate Emerson (Who is BEAUTIFUL) and your family. I can't hear that song too many times! Definitely another tear jerker today!

    Keep em coming,

  8. I'm so glad things are going well in China ~ your dh is awesome!!! I cannot get over the "scratching-thing", that is amazing!
    I cannot wait to see more pictures!!!

  9. Thank you for sharing your blog (we're a Welcome House family). Both of my daughters from China are constantly itching(my little one scratches her belly and her legs every morning). Her skin tends to get dry (possible eczema). I put on lotion and she is fine. Your son is obviously a WONDERFUL big brother.

  10. Kim....just a thought, my boys began sippy cups around 5 months. May be Kate might enjoy a "new" change...something yummy and different to get liquids in. Just a thought my dear...the event may not be associated the same way as a bottle.

  11. Thanks for the update...your hubby's post was so cute and can tell he is tired. Her "rash" looks just like Annslee's did..wasn't scabies and went away after being "aired out" for a while. I think it was heat rash from being bundled up so much. But check it out for sure just in case. Can't wait till you get to hold her..

  12. Kim -

    I am so impressed that Will, true to his word did indeed put a bow in her hair! And how sweet is that that she kisses him! Dave sounds like super dad extraordinaire! Go Dad!

    Above all though, I cannot wait until you get to hold her in your arms and snuggle, love, and kiss those angel cheeks!

    Thanks so much for sharing!


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