In five hours...

Sunday, March 25, 2007
These pictures are from the forbidden city where the Emperor lived. That is about all Dave told me. He was very tired (it was midnight) when they finally got to their hotel in Nanchang. They were getting ready to go to bed and they leave at 10 a.m. to go meet the babies. He will try to call me once he has Kate Emerson (about 11:30p.m. tonight).

Will, Emma and Jim. Read the sign and you will understand their silly faces.

Forbidden City

Dave and Rob.

In about five hours our lives will change forever, Kate. You will leave the foster Mom who has been caring for you since day one and you will come into our family. You have been in my heart for so long that I can hardly believe this day has finally arrived. I pray that you will know in your heart when they place you in your Daddy's arms that this is where you belong. I know your big brother Will who has wanted you for three years will make you smile. You are our little dream come true and we will thank God everyday for bringing you into our lives. Harry and I are home getting everything ready for you. We cannot wait to hold you in our arms and kiss those gorgeous cheeks. I am absolutely beside myself with joy and anticipation.


  1. HI!!!! 4hours 25 minutes but who is counting!!! Hang in there! Soon you will hear those words from Dave that you have been praying to hear!! I have our daughter Kate Emerson, and she is beautiful and perfect in every way!!! Blessings my friend!
    Love, Diana

  2. Sooooo excited for you!! Can't wait to see that post when she is in Daddy's arms! Her life is about to change in a huge way (so is yours) so remember to breathe...Try to remain calm..ha ha

  3. Thank you Diana,

    I cannot wait to hear those words. I cried just reading them as you wrote them. I feel so blessed to have met you on this journey.

    VERY soon I will be watching your journey to bring Ruby Mei home.


  4. I can't stand it!!! I am so excited for you, I have the chills!

  5. Oh the heart is actually racing! Yeah, it's time!!!!
    Can't wait to see pictures!!!!!

  6. Congratulations! I came across your blog on the RQ site. My husband went to China w/o me as well and he did a fantastic job as I'm certain your husband will do. This part of the wait is really hard, but you're almost there! I will never forget the moment my husband called from China and said, "I have someone here who wants to meet you, she's absolutely precious and beautiful and you will LOVE her!" So, hang in there, your precious baby will be home in your arms before you know it! Congrats again!
    Renee of the 'Parkins, party of five'

  7. I'm watching the clock! So excited for you!


  8. Just 9 days ago I was where you are today and I know how excited you must be at this moment. It's such an amazing day! Enjoy every minute. I cannot wait to see photos of Kate with your husband and son....she's so beautiful!

  9. Kim,

    It's 9:40pm Sun eve. I said to Moon "Dave and Will are going to meet Kate in 20 min." He says Doon "Dave might not post the pictures til 12:oo midnight". Guess you had to be here... like i'm sitting here patiently waitng with the computer on my lap ready 19 more min., 18 more min.

    Well anyway we are just so excited for you all. Your prayers have been answered, a percious little beautiful little girl to love and cherish. We can't wait for your next post.

    Love, Ashton, Doon & Moon


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