Warning-more clothes.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007
I have had so much fun preparing for Kate's arrival. My Mom and friends who live far away love to see what I am getting for Miss Kate Emerson (or at least they tell me they do). I apologize if some of you find it boring (I know my husband and the boys do a bit). Once Kate gets here, I will be taking all the pictures of her and her brothers but for now, this is all I have. Click on each photo for more detail.
Okay, this little bikini was just irresistible in person. I am showing the back of the top with the dragonfly on it.
My friend Elissa found this one for me and thought it would be cute for the 4th of July!

Another pink dress:)

Now this one may not look great in the photo but it is SO CUTE! It is white linen with pintucks at the top and a ruffle at the hem. It is as my husband says, "very Kimmy."

Again, the photo does not do this ensemble justice. The skirt is white cotton with pink swiss dots on it and a beautiful pink taffeta bow. The sweater is light pink with ruffle edges. Oh, I love it. One of my friends said she could see me wearing this.

This sweet bunny was purchased by Will for his little sister. He bought it with his own money and he plans to give it to Kate Emerson as soon as they place her in "his arms." Isn't that funny? He has it in his head that they will give Kate to him instead of his Dad. We have told him that is not how it is going to be but now he still says it jokingly with us.

I just fell in love with this little froggy. It is the softest , cutest little thing. The rings have velcro and are stackable.

This bib is Miss Kate Emerson's first monogrammed item. I have a dress and lovey being monogrammed right now but they are not ready yet. It was neat seeing her initials for the first time. I am so excited that these little things get me all teary-eyed.


  1. Kimber~

    We are a family of 3 boys, just starting our paperchase to our daughter. I came across your blog and have enjoyed reading your journey. I can't wait to shop for darling dresses like you have found. Many blessings to your family.


  2. Oh, the anticipation of preparing for a new little daughter!!! I remember those days!

    You mentioned to Empress Fussy Pants' Mom that your daughter is also from JiangXi...so is my oldest (now 11 years old)...she came from the city of LinChuan, but, we met her in NanChang (capital of JiangXi).

    I hope that your travel approval arrives SOON!!!

  3. Oh Kim,

    They are BEAUTIFuL!!! I love the bathing suit the most.... I think...Hard to choose:).

    I loved the outfit your husband said was Kimmy like:). You are obviously a girly girl. Me too!!


  4. The dresses are simply beautiful! As the mom of a boy for almost 10 years - shopping for a little girl is the best. I love looking at her clothes and have many of the same lovely outfits hang in Miss LiLi's closet!


Thank you for your kindness.