Care Package on its way

Friday, February 23, 2007
A small care package is finally on its way to Kate Emerson and her foster parents. We sent a box of Godiva Chocolates for the orphanage director and a box for Kate's foster parents. For Kate, we sent two small toys and a photo album with pictures of our family. In addition, we included some Bath and Body Works lotions and gels for her foster parents. We were told that these are the things they like.
Finally, we put a disposable camera in the package. It is our hope that Kate's foster parents will take some pictures of Kate with them and their home. We would love to be able to show her someday where her first home was and who cared for her. A friend of a friend was kind enough to translate a letter I wrote to Kate's foster parents into Chinese. It was a difficult letter for me to write but I wanted to thank them for caring for and loving Kate and I wanted to tell them a little bit about our family.
I have been warned that this package may never reach them and simply sit in customs. I pray that it does make its way to Kate and the family she lives with now.


  1. We sent a similar package to our daughter's foster parents and on the day we officially adopted her we did receive the camera back. The photos are all of her..none of her foster parents..but they are in the home. They are treasured. Hopefully you will get the camera back as well. We do know that our photo was shown to her b/c we brought a copy of the same photo with us when we met her and she kept staring at it and would not let it go : )

  2. We received our camera back from Mr. Lu, director of Nanfeng SWI, and they were full of priceless photos of our daughter and her foster mother and home. Mr Lu also gave us a photo he took along with some gifts. I am sure you will get your camera back.

    WE can't wait to watch your journey. If you have any questions email us. WE left our address on the previous post comments sections.


  3. Hi! I came across your journal and just wanted to say you ahve a beautiful family! Oh my goodness, I am in love with Scout! Can I ask what breed Scout is?

    LID 12-31-06

  4. Kerrie,

    Scout is a Schnoodle (schauzer/poodle mix) and she is the BEST dog. As I type she is curled up in my lap sleeping. Anyone who knows me, know I am NOT a dog person (at all) but I love this little girl. Also, she is smart, easy, hypoallergenic and calm (as far as 14 week old puppies go). She is from a bredder in NC and she was only 7 weeks old when we got her. I will post some updated photos of her in a few days.


  5. A perfect care package for a beautiful and very much loved baby Kate! She is just darling, and she'll be in your arms soon!

    You are a beautiful family...

    xoxo, Shana :)

  6. Congrats! NanChang is amazing!! Just be really careful crossing any street! LOL Your daughter is a darling! Of course you are excited to be traveling and shopping for that precious girl! There is not much else to do in NanChang except shop - so that will be fun!!

    Enjoy - we love our spicy girl very very much!!

    M - Mom to EFP


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