Valentine Update

Thursday, February 15, 2007
Sweet Kate,

The dinner surprise was incredible! At about 2:30 Daddy scooped up the boys and took them somewhere but he would not tell me where. He told me to expect dinner at about 6:00. So, I had three wonderful, peaceful hours to myself. I was wondering where they were and what they were doing. At about 5:40 Will came inside and said, "Mom, come into the living room. I want to show you my magic tricks." Now, I knew he wanted to keep me out of the kitchen so I wouldn't see the surprise. Will and Harry took turns keeping me out of the way, while Dad set the table and got the food warmed up and ready to serve. At this point, I thought I smelled a familiar favorite dish but I wasn't sure. At exactly 6:00 my handsome boys escorted me to the dining table for the surprise!

They drove about an hour and twenty minutes away to get me one of my favorite meals. Dad and I had our first date at the original Carrabba's in Texas (which has much more character than all of the chains). I love the "Chicken Bryan Texas." It is a grilled chicken breast with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes on top. It is so yummy! Anyway, your dear, sweet Daddy and brothers drove all that way to get the meal we had on our first date. He is such a romantic and I feel blessed to have him. I also love that he brought Will and Harry with him. I think it is good for them to see what an awesome role model your Dad is for how to be a great husband and father. It was one of the most meaningful meals I have ever eaten. I loved it.

When I asked Will if he was going to do these sweet things for his wife on Valentine's Day he said, "I'm not getting married. I am going to have a simple life with a hedgehog." Oh, that boy cracks me up!!! Harry, however informed us that his "Valentine" is in fourth or fifth grade at the Catholic school. He doesn't know her name though.

Dear Kate, we cannot wait for you to share in all of the joys and laughter we have in this crazy house. I love you.



  1. are you going to adopt a little girl from china? that is so kind, and I have so much respect for people who to that!

    Love, Linda

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  3. AWWW...too sweet. I love that the boys were part of the surprise. I hope you are prepared to share all the attention with know she will have daddy wrapped around his little finger. In a few years it may be Chik-fil-a instead : )

    PS..come on TA!!

  4. What a thoughtful thing to do -- and it's not even Mother's Day! Congratulations on your darling Kate Emerson (I have a Katie from China :)

    I'm looking forward to following your family's journey to China to bring her home.

  5. Oh my goodness...that is one romantic and thoughtful daddy Miss Kate has!

    Carrabas is indeed yummy!

    Now whenever I go there I will think of y'all!



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