Travel Meeting

Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Everyone has been very excited about our referral and people keep asking what we know about travel. Thank you for your enthusiasm and interest. It helps keep us positive. We don't know anything yet for sure except that our travel meeting is March 9th. This meeting is usually 2 weeks before travel and the agency goes over our itinerary and what we can expect in China. Our agency is estimating in a "highly tentative" manner that Dave and Will could travel on March 22 and return around April 6 or 7. I would be absolutely thrilled if that is when they travel. Please pray for all of the appointments and paperwork that need to take place between now and then to progress smoothly. I will let you all know for sure when we know for sure!


  1. That would be great..home in time for Easter..just very tired. We arrived home from China the night before Thanksgiving ('05) and we were exhausted but it was so nice to be home for the holiday. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. wow! I am so excited for you. I can't wait to follow your journey, would you mind if i added you to my fav links on my blog? you really do a great job with the dtc and autumn dreams, where do you ever find the time.. huh?

  3. How exciting! I am sure you cannot wait hold Kate in your arms where she belongs. I was wondering why you and Harry are not going on the trip to China. I really hope that isn't too personal a question. Of course if there is some sort of personal reason I don't expect you to answer.

    I will keep you all in my prayers! You really must feel so blessed that you are the mother of such a beautiful little girl, and that you will be able to guide her, love her, and be her mom & friend.

    Many blessings to all of you! Hope all the travel dates go as planned.


  4. Hi Kim!
    I know this has got to be excrutiating waiting once again for the firm travel dates!!!! You are so close to having your girl home! I promise to keep you "company" why the boys are away!!
    I look forward to hearing good news from your camp soon!

  5. Hi! Our daughter is also from Nanfeng SWI. We just got back 3 weeks ago. All the babies in our group from Nanfeng were pretty healthy except for a few ear infections and colds. We had an amazing trip and really miss China. We just adore our daughter and she is bonding well with us and doing awesome. We love her so! Our son, Jack-5, also traveled with us. If you would like to see our trip blog the address is

    You can also email me if you have any questions

    We look forward to reading about your trip to China for Kate.



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