Homecoming video 9 years!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016
I am so embarrassed that I have not posted since January. I have so much to share....Will's college decision, Easter etc.  But two days ago was Kate's "Special Day."

Kate and Dave and Will came home from China on April 4th 2007 so we consider that our forever family day.  I let Kate decide whether she wants to celebrate or not.  And some years we have done nothing.  Some years we go get ice cream or a mani pedi.  One year she wanted to go to tea at a hotel.

This year, Kate wanted to bake cupcakes for her friends at the gym.  And she wants to go to the Heritage Society (an historical museum type place) next weekend. We also ordered pizza (her choice) this weekend and Dave made Kate's favorites slow smoked ribs on the grill. It is always her call for what we do this day,

Kate had some practice testing at school so I could not sneak her out for any fun adventures but I did go have lunch with her yesterday.


We also baked red velvet cupcakes and brought them to the gym.


Will was goofing around in the background while Kate frosted the cupcakes.


And I know most of you have seen this but I have some new followers too so I thought I'd post it just in case.  Have some tissues. People tell me it makes them cry.

Untitled from Kim S on Vimeo.

Kate has been such an incredible blessing to our family.  She is truly an amazing little girl.  I know that all Moms say that but honestly everyone says it about Kate.  She has the most pure, kind and giving heart I have ever known.  She is really funny and makes our whole family laugh every day.  She is completely optimistic and always thinks the best of others.  Her brothers and Dad wrestle her around and give her a hard time but she never lets it get to her and just rolls with the punches.  She was a tough toddler (you can go back and see those posts when she was 2-3) but she is the easiest and sweetest little girl there is now. She is my buddy and I feel incredibly blessed and honored to be her Mom.


  1. Kim - this made me cry! How precious! What a gift she is to you and your family ... and what a gift you all are to Katie Ru.

  2. love following along thru the years. each post I think, 'I can NOT believe how she has grown.'

    I only cried a *little* at the video.


    love to you all! donna

  3. This touches my heart. Kate was meant to be a part of your wonderful family.

  4. I just boo hooed through this! Such a sweet memory and what a special gift you are to each other. Thank you for sharing,!

  5. Oh, I TOTALLY cried! It's such a beautiful story! I love love love following your blog. Thanks for sharing!! Best, Tamara

  6. Whoah. Still a tear jerker.

    I am struck by changes in boys! I have 9 & 7 yo boys and getting sad about little boy phase ending.

    Great video. Great story.

  7. I cried! Such a beautiful story! I always love your posts, Kim. Happy forever family day!

  8. I know I have watched this a few times and it makes me cry every time! Such a lucky girl and lucky family...

  9. what a great post and video! Baby Kate was too cute! She had to very toasty in that pink snowsuit!

  10. Thanks for sharing your story. So impressed with your husband and son going to China to pick her up! I just love your adoption story. I've been the sibling of adoption and the parent of adoption. I wonder if your boys will want to adopt like I did. Can't wait to show my daughter your video. She loves me to read your blog to her. She's a big fan of Kate's!

  11. So glad you posted!! I've been waiting.....can't wait for more posts to come. :)

  12. So sweet! I've had the privilege of reading about your family's adventures since Kate came home. Thank you for sharing your faith, family and thoughts with us!

  13. I've been reading your blog for years! I am always inspired by how kind your children are. How sweet that Kate's special activity involved service to others. The cupcakes look delicious...red velvet is one of my favorites!


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