The Nutcracker, Thanksgiving and Minted Winners etc.

Sunday, December 13, 2015
So much has been going on.  It was our 20th wedding anniversary, Harry's 15th birthday.  I had a little surgery.  Everyday, I think I will post but between work and family and life, it does not happen as often as I'd like.  So, I will try to catch up.

First, Thanksgiving….

Harry did (at the very last minute) organize his annual neighborhood/friend Turkey Bowl.  I was not 100% sure he was doing it and he overslept a tad.  Anyway, he went and had fun.  Dave brought the kids kolaches and doughnuts but I stayed home this year (so no photos).  I caught up with my sister and Mom on the phone and cooked for Thanksgiving instead.

We always spend Thanksgiving with Dave's brother and sister and their families.  Sometimes it is in Houston and sometimes it is in Galveston at the bay/beach.  This year we went to Galveston.

When we arrived the turkey was cooking and my nephew decided to take all the "kids" on a Sunset cruise on the boat.  My niece and nephew are in their mid twenties and they are AWESOME with my kids.  They always have been.  I am really close to them too.  So, Auntie Kim went on the cruise with the "kids."  The legal girls all had mimosas so we called it a mimosa cruise.  Our boat captain and the kids had water and San Pellegrino.




Harry, Will, Cousin Jamie, Cousin Olivia, Brittany (Jamie's long time girlfriend), Kate

Of course Auntie Kim needed some photos on our boat ride.


Kate was not amused.




Me and some of my favorite gals.

Dinner was fabulous.  Dave's brother and sister both have homes in Galveston so they do the turkey and big sides.  We bring a few sides and desserts.  It was delicious and it is was fun spending time with everyone.  We played some games (Apples to Apples, etc).

The next day, we drove back home and put out tree up in a matter of about an hour or two.


I had other things decorated but we typically wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the tree. We take turns every other year with what goes on our tree.  The even years EVERYTHING (like 7 bins) of ornaments and family memories go on.  That takes a ton of time and no one really helps me (except Kate).  The odd years, we just do sliver, clear and white and that goes MUCH faster.  I love our tree this year.

Thanksgiving weekend, Kate and I go to The Nutcracker at the Houston Ballet.  This was our fifth year to attend.  (You can see past years here).  This was the last year for this particular production/rendition of the Nutcracker.  Next year, the Houston Ballet will have all new sets, costumes and choreography.  So we tried to really soak in every detail.  We absolutely LOVE this Mommy-daughter tradition each year.  Kate adores the music and the dancing.  I was not sure she would when she was so young but she always has.




My beautiful sugar plum fairy who was so sick of photos:)

I always love to have photos before we go.  Most of the year, I am behind the camera but around the holidays I try to get into photos with my kids and husband so they will have them down the road. I actually drive them ALL crazy because I am so picky with my camera and settings and stuff but hopefully they take it in stride.

Kate and I get to the theatre and then we reserve our intermission snack and table.  We pre-order our drinks and a little treat for her (a salted caramel cupcake this year) and they are all ready for us at a reserved table at intermission.


Cutest little date there is.

This was at the theatre.  They have a giant tree and a giant gingerbread house.


Onto other things...Will was accepted this week at another school.  He got into SMU and was awarded The Founder's Scholarship.  We are so incredibly proud of him.  Will is smart but he is also extremely involved in school.  He is captain of water polo and swim team, president of the young conservatives, a retreat leader and much much more.  He has made great choices in high school and it is awesome to sit back and watch these opportunities come his way.  He is still waiting to hear from three more schools but so far he has been accepted everywhere he has heard from.


My boys were tour guides at the Open House at their high school last week.  I thought they looked so handsome.  They both LOVE their high school.

And MINTED chose the three winners of the $100 gift card contest last week.  They emailed the winners directly.  But the winners are

Alyson R
Leigh B (who introduced herself to me via email this week)
Stephanie S

Thanks for entering.  I am thrilled for you.

I am off to Mass but plan to work on a few blog posts later today on Christmas caroling, gingerbread houses and Harry's birthday and the Teddy Bear tea! Happy Sunday!


  1. Congrats to Will! SMU is in my neighborhood, and at least one of my kids is set on going there so they don't have to leave home. I'm sure they'll feel differently when the time comes :)

    Such fun to see your family and all your holiday traditions!

  2. Enjoying your Holiday traditions. Merry, Merry!

  3. Love your nutcracker tradition. I just took my daughter for the first time. She is only 3.5 but she loved it and sat pretty good the whole time.


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