it's camp time again

Sunday, June 28, 2015
We dropped Kate and Harry off at the bus for camp this morning.  Will had his last year in 2014 so he is finished with camp (which is kinda sad).  This place is so special to my kids.  They absolutely LOVE it there.  Neither of them knew a soul going this session this year.  Kate confidently got on that bus by herself and sat alone with all smiles.  And that is one of the reasons I love camp. My kids gain this independence and confidence that I could not teach them alone.

You know I always love to take photos at the drop off.  My boys HATE it but last night we sat here and looked at all the past years on my computer and had some good laughs (under the label camp).  So in reality they are very happy they have the photos.  However, you will notice fewer photos of Harry.  He is definitely in that teen phase where he hates me taking pictures.

Will got up to say goodbye to them...



It was dark and early!!

But I was not allowed to photograph him and Harry saying goodbye.  I did burn it in my memory though.



Kate's confidence amazes me.  She was not this confident 2 years ago but between having an extra year at school, gymnastics, maturity and this camp, she has grown up so much. She doesn't know anyone going to camp this year.  Harry will be there but he is in a completely different section of camp and they will barely see one another.  They do plan to meet up at the camp store one day for ice cream;)



Gotta make sure they don't have a fever.


Love this one of Dave and Harry.  Go look at how much Harry has changed in one year.

Kate has so much camp spirit.  We painted her nails blue for her team.



She always meets a dog waiting for the bus. She loves dogs.

The goodbyes...






Katie Ru getting on the bus...




She just looked so happy and so comfortable.  She was sitting alone but she was happy.  She started reading her book but would glance up to see if we were still there.

I got a message that the busses arrived at camp safely. Thank you Lord.  So, they are likely eating dinner and having the first party.  They have parties every night at camp!  I will be stalking the website for photos as I always do:)

I actually am enjoying the quiet and the freedom though.  Dave, Will and I went out for a nice brunch and then I napped and lazed around.  I have some cleaning/purging plans but I also plan to enjoy my time this week not driving carpools to lacrosse camp or gymnastics.  It feels weird but kind of good.

* I am catching up on posts this week, so if you did not see my last one, it was on Will's 18th b-day.


  1. So sweet! Love the memory value of blogging, don't you! Maddy and I like to look back every now and then. Enjoy your week and only drive places that YOU want to go! :)

  2. I hope they have a blast! Our girls will go for the first time next year, and I'm already thinking about how much I'll miss them :)

  3. I hope they have a wonderful time! Her trunk looks fantastic. I wonder if my oldest would ever go to camp. He is soooo shy. It might be good for him someday. We have a lot nearby because we are between the Berkshires and the Adirondacks...


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