Our Nutcracker tradition 2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014
Good morning.  I am sitting in front of my Christmas tree sipping coffee and working on some blog posts.  My work has tripled lately but I cannot complain.  I have had this new office for 2 years now and was contemplating not renewing my lease as my rent was going up and business had recently slowed down. I also do a lot of public speaking and thought maybe I would just continue with that. Then, all of a sudden, work increased dramatically.  I felt as though God were sending me a message to keep doing what I am doing.  I really love my work but it leaves me with little time to keep up the blog.

 Kate took ballet starting at 2-ish (I know she had 6 recitals) and she loved it for a long time. This year she chose to stop ballet as it was getting too hard to do both gymnastics and ballet.  Gymnastics is her passion but she still loves the ballet and she still dances all around our house.

We started going to The Nutcracker when she was 5 and this was our 4th time.



Dave snapped this while I was looking for another lens and I just love it.  Although it looks posed, it wasn't.




{Kate's Dress/ Kate's shoesMy Shirt/ My skirt is very old --similar }

Kate and I always have such a nice time together,  My favorite part is watching her face and listening to her "ooh and ahhh." She loves the music so much as well as the gorgeous costumes and the dancing.  The ballet is beautiful but I prefer to watch Kate!

You can pre-order snacks and drinks and have a table reserved at intermission and we usually do that. Kate always enjoys a sweet treat (cupcake or cookies).

Then we wander out to the lobby and there are often a few mice and soldiers to take photos with.


After the show, Kate and I go to the green room to meet a few performers.  Kate brings her Nutcracker book and they sign it for her.





A few weeks ago Kate said this to me...

Kate: Mama, You know I don't love the actual day of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas that much.  What I love the most is all the traditions and things we do around those holidays!

If you've been reading here long or you know me in real life, you know I am ALL ABOUT THE TRADITIONS!  So, it made my heart leap with joy that my daughter appreciates them as much as I do.  And by the way, my boys seem to love them too.  Will gets especially upset if we don't follow our annual traditions.  Last weekend, Kate and I went to another Christmas tradition here...The Teddy Bear Tea.  And today we are off to see the Rockettes and the Radio City Christmas Show..  So, come back soon for those photos.

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  1. I'm right there with you and Kate- I love the traditions! You both looked lovely dressed up for The Nutcracker. My girls have Kate's shoes, and they would love her dress!

  2. Love the Houston ballet nutcracker. Took the whole famy last year boys included. But it is something I want to do with my girls too. Looks like yall had fun.

  3. Love it. So fun creating special traditions with our children. Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. Kim love your outfit! curious about where the skirt is from? I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW and wonder how you go about getting certification in life coaching? or how one can practice as a life coach rather than providing psycho therapy sessions.

    1. Thank you. I bough the 8-10 years ago in Virginia at a store that is no longer in business. Sorry. I have a PhD and did traditional counseling and did not like it as much. I decided to do more marriage and parenting"coaching" as we move quicker and are more action oriented. Every state has different regulations but many do not require certification. My clients know my qualifications and my approach and agree to that approach. Hope that helps. there are certification courses but they cover what I had already learned in graduate school.

    2. oops…sorry that should say bought the skirt 8-10 years ago.

  5. You both look beautiful!! We have a Nutcracker tea here that I am hoping to take my niece to when she is old enough. Traditions are one of the best gifts we can give our children, in my opinion, and how wonderful that Kate already realizes this at such a young age!

  6. She looks so lovely! Hoping my girls will be mature enough to go next year!

    1. Kelleyn, thank you. I think every child is different. Kate has a fabulous attention span but she did not express interest in going until about 4-5. I know some kids who have gone earlier and did fine though.

  7. I really wanted to take my ballet loving daughter to the nutcracker this year but she is only 2 and I'm not sure how she would do for the whole thing. I cannot wait to take her each year in the future!

    1. Chrissy, I waited until I really thought Kate would sit still and enjoy it. It was hard for me to wait but I think she was 4 or 5 our first time. I will say that this year we also went to the Radio City Music Christmas Spectacular and that was even Better! And younger children would enjoy it as it moves faster. See if they have it in Dallas or try to get tickets when you visit Houston.

  8. That pic of her back to the camera is just perfect. Smart girl loving traditions!


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