happy Birthday Harry

Monday, December 8, 2014
Harry is 14 today!  Can you believe it?  He is applying to high school!  And in a year, he can get his driving permit.  Where did the time go?

When I started the blog Harry looked like this....

Puppybathsnow 024


Now he looks like this...




Harry is a very normal 14 year old in some ways (hates homework, talks back to his parents, likes to sleep in, spends WAY too much time looking at his phone screen!).
  But is he extraordinary in some ways too. 

I like to list the things I love about Harry on his birthday (in no particular order)

~He does not follow the crowd.  Harry observes what everyone else is doing but he does his own thing (and in middle school that is especially hard to do).

~He has an amazing work ethic.  Harry loves to work.  Whether it is his fishing lure business or detailing my car or mowing the lawn, he has a fabulous work ethic.  

~He figures things out.  If Harry does not know how to do something, he will figure it out.  This summer, he did not want to spend a lot of money on geocaching tubes, so he found a method to make them out of recycled bottles.  He comes up with stuff like that all the time. Whenever one of us doesn't know how to do something, we ask Harry.  It's true.

~He is an amazing brother.  He has always been the kindest, sweetest brother to Kate. He invents games for her, plays with her and watches out for her.  With Will, they have their close times and their competitive times.  This weekend, Will was working on a project for school and Harry stepped in and videotaped and helped so much.  He really has Will and Kate's backs.

~He is frugal and a saver.  I admire that.

~He is really funny.  All 3 of my kids are talkers but I suppose Harry is probably the quietest of the 3 (not that he is all that quiet).  Sometimes he will come out with the funniest one liners though.  He does make us all laugh (especially with his stories from school).

~He is passionate.  When Harry gets into something, he really gets into it (judo, coins, lacrosse, fishing).  He learns everything there is to learn and gives it 100%.

~He has amazing faith.  Harry has always had such faith in God and he practices it out loud.

~Harry is really smart.  And not just book smart.  He is street smart.

~He is nice and polite.  Now I am not delusional.  I am sure he has been unkind to his peers at points in his life.  But for the most part, I have seen him display incredible kindness to others.  He invites new kids to sit with him at lunch.  He has often shown kindness to the "left out" kids. It is his nature. Parents LOVE Harry.  He even has a little parent fan club.

~Harry is loyal.  He gives people a lot of chances.

~He does not ask for much at all.  

~He takes interest in other's lives.  He will ask me about my patients and my talks or meetings.  He is interested in Kate and Will's sports and schools.  He asks Dave about everything.  So many teens are self-absorbed but he really looks outside himself.

~He doesn't let obstacles get in his way.  Harry has not had the easiest life.  He has had some severe health challenges. He's had tons of testing.  He is small.  He never lets any of that hold him back.  He goes for it in life.

At 14 Harry loves fishing, chicken wings, hanging out with his friends, running his business, watching fishing videos, technology, his family and God.  He is a GREAT kid and I am so proud to be his Mom. I know he will go very far in life. 

 Happy Birthday Harry!!!!! I love you very much!

P.S.  Harry did not want a party.  We went out for wings as a family and gave him a "go-pro" camera (part b-day and part Christmas present).  I am bringing him his favorite "whataburger" up to school for lunch.  And Happy, our elf, decorated his door with toilet paper:)




  1. Happy birthday, Harry! He seems like an exceptional young man!

  2. Happy birthday to Harry! I hope you all have fun celebrating his special day with him!

  3. Wow, what am impressive young man! Kudos to you and your husband for raising him to be the young man he is today and I hope he has an excellent birthday.

  4. Hope he has a wonderful birthday! I am very impressed on what you wrote about him. He will be super successful as an adult. He has all the traits and a great human being to boot. You are Blessed!

  5. What a handsome young man! They grow up too quickly. (sigh)

  6. Happy Birthday to Harry! Sounds like he will be an inventor, developer, or some other successful venture. More importantly his faith will carry him far.

  7. Happy Birthday, Harry! What an amazing young man! And that top picture may be the cutest picture of all time

  8. Happy, happy birthday Harry! You sound like an unbelievable young man - who is definitely making his family proud!

    Kim - I hope you don't mind that I sent you an e-mail. Just reaching out for some advice on my little guy! Blessings!


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