Another dance for Will

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Will was invited to the Winter Formal at one of the girls' schools last weekend.  His date is the same girl he took to homecoming. We really like her a lot and I think that is all I am allowed to say on the subject.


Will's date, Caitlyn is super outgoing and friendly.  I love her dress.  It is so beautiful and appropriate.

I love snapping pictures while they fuss with the boutonnières and corsages.

All of the girls looked so pretty.

The original plan was to do the photos at a park downtown as the formal was downtown as well. But the weather was rainy off and on so we went to plan B and met at one of the girl's houses who lives close to downtown.



All of the dates were not there yet but Caitlyn's Mom and I grabbed them and took these pictures out on the balcony of the hosts house. The sun was just going down and there was a beautiful glow.


I think the dance/formal season is over now but I have really enjoyed being involved in these events with Will and his friends.

 This is one of the best parts of being a teen parent I think...seeing them dress up and use their good etiquette and have fun with their friends.


  1. Great photos! It's so nice they are mature enough to allow you to take photos and be apart of the special events. They look lovely!

  2. Adorable couple! Her dress is stunning! What great high school fun!

  3. Oh my goodness…your son looks so debonair and handsome. His date's gown is absolute perfection. One of the best I have ever seen. I am so impressed with the elegance of the girls' gown choices. So flattering and beautiful.

  4. So handsome! I loved school dances.

  5. Just randomly found your blog through a kitchen photo on Pintrest....I love it! You have a beautiful family and have a delightful style of writing! I am a new follower! Fabulous pictures of your son and his sons (twins) are 13 and it's like pulling teeth the get them to pose for pictures right now!


Thank you for your kindness.