Halloween 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013
Our Halloween started off raining cats and dogs.  In the 16 years of having kids, we have never had a rainy Halloween.  Kate, in particular, was somewhat concerned.  She was really excited about both her costume and her good friend Gillian who was coming over for dinner and trick or treating. I came up with some indoor rainy Halloween activities in case the rained continued and she was calmed by that.  But she really wanted to trick or treat.

It poured ALL DAY but miraculously but late afternoon, the clouds cleared and the sky was blue.  It was awfully humid but it was fine trick or treat weather.

We had a small revolving door of kids and adults come eat some pizza and enjoy some beverages and go out trick or treating.  It was fun.  The past few years, I cooked chili or something quick and we have not had people over for dinner. It was really fun having some families over.  BUT....it was too chaotic and the kids were WAY too inpatient for me to get the family and kid photos I like to get each year. I never even got Harry and all his buddies together:(  Everything seemed very rushed.  Middle school boys wait for no one on Halloween! All in all though, we had a great time which is much more important than photos, right?

Gillan and Kate

Kate told me a few months ago that she wanted to be a Venus fly trap for Halloween.  She has always loved the plants and we have had a few for her over the years but I had never seen a costume before.  Lo and behold, I googled it and there was exactly one costume for kids.  Truth be told, it was WAY out of my comfort zone for cost.  So, I tried to convince her of something else.  I put off ordering it for a while.  But as our plans unfolded, I realized that she was the only peanut in need of a costume this year (and a friend assured me that I could sell it on e-bay and recoup some of my investment). So I took the plunge and ordered it.  And I am so glad I did.  She LOVED her costume and so did everyone who saw it.  She even won a costume contest at our school festival last week.  It is one of my favorite costumes ever.



Kate is obsessed with Teen Beach movie and beehive and bouffant hair styles lately.  She styled my hair on Halloween in a half up-do beehive and asked me to keep it in.  It fell a bit due to humidity but I kept it in all night:)


Will did not dress up but he hung out with Gillian's oder sister Maddie.  They have been friends for many years and they took the kids trick or treating.


Our friends.


Catching flies?



Harry got braces!  He dressed in his lacrosse jersey and went out with a big group of friends but I only got these two for photos.




I don't know why but I always love the dumping/looking at candy photos each year:)

I love how Kate got right in the middle of Harry's friends for the candy trading!

She is completely comfortable with all the boys friends.



And here is a phone pic of the pumpkin Kate carved all by herself.  I think she did a great job.


One things that made me very nostalgic this week was Harry lost his final baby tooth. He really is not a little kid anymore.  In fact, in just weeks, he will be a teenager! I am sure most of you will not recall the very memorable Halloween when he lost his first baby tooth.


It was exactly 6 years ago...from first tooth to last tooth.
 It made me a little sad how my peanuts are growing up.

 It was Kate's first Halloween at home too...



We had a great Halloween and I hope y'all did too.


  1. kate's costume is so amazing! she's going to cherish those photos for years to come :)

    p.s. tell kate i think she did an amazing job with your hair!

  2. i love kate's venus fly trap costume and that she wanted something original! so cute!! looks like y'all had a great halloween. it rained on our halloween too this year. i always loved that pumpkin costume from kate's first halloween with you! so cute! they grow up too fast!!

  3. 2014..... You are getting ahead of yourself! Haha

  4. Love Kate's costume and that little minion friend of hers too! Halloween is so fun!! Maddy is busy losing those last baby teeth too -- but still has a few to go! Loved the update and your beehive! So sweet that she wants to do your hair -- I always fixed my Mom's and it's one of my favorite memories! Have a great weekend!

  5. Kate's costume in amazing! Reminds me of that Broadway show, Little Shoppe of Horrors.


  6. That consume is amazing! What made her ever think to be that? So funny.

  7. What a fun Halloween. Cory made chili and we had a small party before trick or treating and it was very rushed too. In fact, that may have been our last Halloween party. Carson was also a lacrosse player! He and Harry are sooo cute!

  8. Thank GOD it cleared up! That venus fly trap costume is TO DIE FOR!!!! Love it.

  9. The pumpkin costume is so cute! You have a beautiful family!


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