Not the best weekend

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Just popping in for a few minutes today.  I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend.  We did not.  I had a sinus headache that rendered me useless and in pain for most of the weekend.  FINALLY, Mucinex max cold and sinus (one dose) and 3 times a day sinus washes cleared me up.  That might be too much information but I tried everything (the netti pot, chiropractor, massage/reflexology, afrin, tylenol sinus, ibuprofen, vick's vapor rub) and nothing worked so I kinda want to share if anyone else is experiencing bad sinuses.  The netti pot is not good for me but this sinus wash bottle ROCKS!  I even got Dave to use one and it got rid of his cold/allergies too.  It is miraculous.

Then this morning, Kate woke up feeling shaky and weak.  I made her eat and drink and then she puked which in turn made me puke.  I have this thing, if anyone pukes, I puke. I am a sympathetic puker. It is awful.  But it is true.  She feels fine now but she blew her perfect attendance streak (2 years of perfect attendance in a row:(  Me, I am not so fine.  Cleaning up puke is one of my worst nightmares y'all.  I gag and puke more as I clean.  It is not pretty.  Kate loved it though.  She thought we were twins.  "Mama, we're both throwing up!" she said as though it were charming. UGH!  Now I will feel queasy all day and she is loving life watching Disney Jr and eating crackers.

It is so funny to read blogs/see instagrams about the end of summer and beginning of Fall.  I saw people actually decorating for Fall and Halloween in other parts of the country. It seems so weird to me. It is so not the end of summer in Houston, Texas.  I mean yes, kids are back in school (if they're not pukey) and the pools have more restricted hours but it will feel like summer here for at least a few more months.  There are not pumpkins in our stores yet.  They would rot in this heat.  I simply cannot imagine it being fall like yet anywhere.  Is it fall-ish where you live?

Will went to a "bows and bow ties party" Friday night. I think it was a super cute idea.  Two girls were having a big joint birthday party and they sent Lilly Pulitzer invitations out asking all the teens to dress in bow ties or "Lilly chic."  Will and his friends go to a prep school so they dress nicely everyday as part of the dress code. They wear long pants (even in this heat) and collared shirts everyday and ties and jackets on Mass days so they did not mind this too much.  In fact, they had a blast at the party.  I wish I could post a shot of Will and his friends all together but he'd probably kill me.

I think Will looked adorable in his bow tie.  He is so grown up now.  It is a real bow tie too (not a clip).   And he tied it himself. Youtube can teach you to do anything these days!!



Just ignore that dirty towel on the rocking chair.  I did.

Okay, the school nurse called and now Harry is home sick.  Pukey too.  And my dryer is broken. 
 I will tell you what it NOT a good combination.  
Two pukey kids, one sympathetic puking Mom and a broken dryer.
Not good at all.  And the dryer repair people cannot come for a few days.
I am in a grumpy mood.  I need to go count my blessings.


  1. Oh my word -- just reading this has made me feel a little pukey! Adorable Will in that bow tie! Mr. Tennis wears bow ties quite a bit -- kills me sometimes, but he likes it! :) Hope you all feel better sooN!!!

  2. So sorry to hear about your pukey household! But I must admit I was killing myself laughing at Kate's twinning comment! She is just too precious! Her innocents is simply amazing! Feel better! :)

  3. lolol!! You know exactly what this is making me think of don't you??? That ride to the airport is one of the funniest things...ever!! I am sorry, though that you had that to deal with this morning :) love you!!

    1. Yes Jen. I thought of that too. I felt like the biggest loser of a friend for not helping Sienna and Di but was too busy sympathetic puking.

  4. First, Will looks adorable! So grown up too!

    Second, I'm so sorry you've been sick and now Kate and Harry. My daughter (grown with her own family) was sick over the weekend too and didn't get to go to the lake with us one last time for the summer.

    Hope you all get to feeling better soon.

  5. Wow. That is not a good end of Labor Day weekend! Kind of cute that Kate thought you all were twins puking. Hopefully it quickly passes and your dryer is quickly fixed.
    At least your washer is working!
    Maybe Will should YouTube how to fix a dryer :)
    Feel better!!!

  6. Ohhhh no. Hope Kate & Harry BOTH feel better soon!! I starting WRETCHING (JIM CARREY STYLE) whenever VOMIT is in sight. I can vividly remember one instance where my then 8yr old son got so sick and covered me in vomit. We BOTH started crying, wretching and vomiting all at once. We were BOTH a sight to behold. I thru my whole outfit away, I couldn't stand the smell of sight of it!!! My now 26yrold son LAUGHS about that time STILL!! was pretty traumatic for me! ANYWHO, enough about my WEIRD WAYS...I have to say again, Will is just TOO HANDSOME! I just noticed that "your sweet doggie" thought he was pretty snazzy looking as well. *Saw the pooch photo-bombing the pic down in the lower-right hand corner of the photograph.

    PS we are striving for PERFECT ATTENDANCE this year (fingers-crossed) ..hey LIFE HAPPENS! :)

  7. funniest piece ever, even though I know it wasn't meant to be. I do hope yall get better quickly but just the idea of kate finding charm in a household of pukers is too good.

    will is so handsome his bow tie. my jay has a closet full and all the area boys come over (or CAME that he is gone to college) before dances to learn how to tie a bow tie.

    our college drop-off day could NOT have gone better. Jay is so happy and ready to be independent. His happiness far out weighs our sadness over having him gone. The college chaplin delivered very inspiring words to parents on move-in day and that really helped me through. we are doing great!

    all my best to you all...feel better! donna

  8. Oh my word! You poor thing. You have every right to be grumpy. What an awful combination. Hang in there!

  9. oh friend. i am so sorry. i am. but i am sorta laughing because WELL CRAP when it rains it pours.
    & the other reason i'm laughing, well techinically i'm NOT laughing, just smiling is because i'm right there with you. sympathetic puker. dan usually sends me far away because i'm gagging like crazy. next time we're hanging out at the beach with cocktails, i have a hilarious ( NOW it's hilarious. at the time it was not) story about emi. and puking. and me gagging. you'll laugh.
    now. on to will. we talked about him at the dinner table. it's safe to say i have a crush on will swales.
    good job mom.
    feel better soon!!!

  10. Hope the kids get better soon. Today is the day after Labor Day and it's already dropped 20 degrees outside! It's supposed to warm back up to the 80's but this is the beginning of the cooler weather in Cleveland. I get sad to see the pools close. Some of the city pools closed 2 weeks ago! That's just not right! Cleveland is a great place to enjoy fall but it will soon turn to winter, and cold and gray days and we won't hardly be able to enjoy the outdoors without a snowsuit!

  11. Hope you are all beginning to feel better! I love Kate's reaction....she always seems so incredibly earnest and sweet. Take good care!

  12. You poor thing!!! I have a horrible fear - a phobia, really - of vomiting. So you are living my worst fear right now! Hoping all in your house feel better very, very soon - - and that the dryer gets fixed very, very soon, too!

  13. Oh, I'm so sorry! I had to giggle though thinking of the sympathetic puke! I too have a terrible gag reflex and even thinking about it can make me want to barf! Will looked so handsome and I loved the idea of bows and bowties! I once went to a party (in my 20s) that was a miniskirt and martini party - not quite the same kind of charm as the party Will went to! LOL!

    Hoping that the week gets better for you and your family, Kim!

  14. Will looks so handsome! Hope you ALL are feeling better soon!! Glad your washer is working! lol

  15. .appreciate the sinus treatment details. Sharing helpful information - heaven forbid someone else gets the SAMs thing

    .i am with you on the helpless mom
    Of puking kids. Though you manage to deal better than I would. I hear puking and start dry heaving

    .glad W was okay to party. So fans some!

  16. Charming Kate, indeed! I think she couldn't be any sweeter. I hope you are done with your sympathy puking soon. It's awful to feel that way. =( Will is very handsome in his bow tie. Lucky mama. :)

  17. Oh no!! Hoping today brings less puke!! That's just the worst. And I love that party theme- could work at any age!


  18. Oh no!!! What a weekend to be sick! I am a sympathetic "read about puke" puker. Yucker! I hope everybody is feeling better by now and back in school and your dryer is working!! Mine was broken all summer. I hung clothes out to dry on my deck thinking I would have romantic swinging shirts and towels and they would smell sunshine fresh... not so much. Hard, crusty, need to be re-washed and taken to the laundry mat to dry. Ugh!


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