Firsts and crying in Target

Monday, August 26, 2013
So, today was the first day of school for Kate and Harry.  One of them was excited and one of them not so much.


Kate loves her new Lilly P monogrammed lunch box.
We wish they had a matching backpack:(

1st grade!!!

Kate1ed 4901

These uniform clothes are 2 years old.  Apparently Kate has not grown much:)  But I did get Kate a new accessory.  I have been looking for a miraculous medal for her for a long time.  I finally found a tiny one for her online and she loves it!  The chain needs to be shortened but she wanted to wear it today.  She said it will make her feel safe like Mary and Jesus were with her all day.  She knows God is always with her but reaching for her medal is a nice reminder at school I guess.  I need to get a photo of it.


This young man is in 7th grade now and I was asked by him NOT to post his pic on FB or Instagram. I complied but told him that I was posting on the blog because it is our family photo album:)



Kate was different this year.   She had strong opinions about what she wanted to wear on the first day of school and how she wanted her hair.  Also, she was ready for me to leave her in her classroom.  I wanted to linger a few minutes but she was ready for me to go....



She was saying, "Seriously. Mom?!"

Why do these kids need to grow up so fast?!  For the past few years Kate has worn the cutest red patent maryjanes to school.  They are my favorite shoes and they used to be hers too...


Well, this year we had a hard time finding them in her size (sold out).  Kate took this opportunity to get her first pair of Nike sneakers!!!  She has never wanted sneakers before but she said she wants to be like the BOYS! We did finally find the red maryjanes (they will arrive later today) and she agreed to wear them for one more year.  But she really preferred these black ones (above photos) and her Nikes (with foot liners NOT knee socks).  I know this is not a big deal...I just was not quite ready for her to develop these opinions in first grade.  She is so sweet and we do have very similar tastes but she is starting to like some of those clothes that the Disney channel girls wear. YUCK!


Click on photo for link.

Since so many people have asked over the years...Here is the link to the fabulous red mary janes we buy.  Yes, they are pricey but they last all year without one scratch. In the past I have tried cheaper ones (Target) and they scuff and fall apart in weeks. These do not so they are worth the price to me.  If they are out of stock, they re-stock quickly. I simply clean them with a damp paper towel once a week.  Kate says they are the most comfy shoes she has ever owned.  She has even worn them for PE the last 2 years.  I buy one pair a year for her and they are awesome!

Okay, and the crying in Target....  Well, yesterday I ran into our local Target for a flash drive and ear buds (honest to goodness school how things have changed)!  We live near Rice University and I am guessing it was move in weekend because Target was flooded with new college students buying laundry detergent, storage bins and dorm chairs.  I saw some on their own and some with parents.  I looked at them (cause they were everywhere) and my eyes filled with tears.  And no I am not hormonal right now.

I got so sad.  In just 3 years, Dave and I will be in some Target somewhere stocking Will up on laundry detergent and storage bins.  And while, I want him to go to college and I want him to be an independent person, I will miss him so much.  I really like Will.  I enjoy talking to him and hanging out with him.  I love when he comes to me for advice.  99% of the time, I really like having him around.

It is funny because when my kids were toddlers, I really appreciated breaks from them. Let's face it toddlers are hard work. I loved when they went to pre-school but the older they get, the more I want them around.  I love the humans they have turned into and I like their company.  I am sure all Moms feel this way but it has really hit me lately.

Y'all if I am crying in Target just thinking of Will going to college in 3 years, what am I going to be like his senior year?  I know he will start to pull away in the next few years and they really soil the nest in the senior year but I am not ready for all this growing up my kids seem to be doing these days.


  1. Hi there,

    I love your blog and your story/stories. You have a beautiful family. :) I have 2 girls ages 6 and 13. They are my joy. It seems as if they have had their own opinions much earlier than 1st grade though. My 6 year old loves to dress herself - always mismatched but as cute as all get out! I only intervene if we have more formal functions to attend, school picture day, or anywhere they NEED to look presentable. I let go of trying to negotiate her outfits in the morning and figured the teachers understand that most 1st graders want to dress themselves! :) I know Kate wears a uniform to school but tennis shoes are so much more comfy to run around in! Just a thought.

    1. Thank you for your sweet words. I agree about sneakers being most comfy for running around and I did get her the Nike sneakers for PE days:) The red mary janes feel like sneakers on thought too. She says they are her most comfy shoes. She just wants a change since she has been wearing them for so many years:) So, she got black shoes and sneakers and the red mary janes so everyone is happy:)

  2. My tears were in the parking lot of Walmart as I was sending some pictures of my 6th grader, and her friends, to a couple of moms that were not able to attend a breakfast we co-hosted this morning. This is the first year I was really dreading school starting. Maybe it is their ages(8th, 6th and 2nd), but this Summer was so easy. I guess it is because I have a built-in babysitter now, so I can run errands and work a little bit, but in the past years, I was counting the minutes until school started. My house is way too quiet right now....

  3. Ha ha... I was in Meijer at Grant's new college about 10 days ago (no Target) buying milk crates!! No tears for me though...

    "soiling the nest"... perfect wording! I always enjoy having my teens around too... but this summer, my foot was pretty far back in the "getting ready to kick forward to propel them into their dorm and house at college" mode by August 1st! Thank goodness I still have Sophie in my little nest. And... I MUST find a pair of red mary janes!! Do you have any of Kate's left in a size 13? If not, you must let me know where to find some. I haven't seen them on Zulily.

    Good luck, Kim!! It is crazy how fast our babies keep growing up!!

    1. Sarah...Kate is a 13 also:) I will post a link to them in this post in a few minutes. They will res-stock soon and they are $$$ but so comfy and last the WHOLE year looking brand new:)

  4. perfect timing. I shopped for last minute supplies for my son, who leaves for college in two days. I have been "fairly" ok up until this morning when I just about LOST it in the store. so, thanks for letting me know I am normal.

    I was trying to relate to a mom of toddlers recently just how awesome to have an 18 year-old you can laugh your head off with. mine has such a wonderful humor. can barely stand to think of his leaving in two days. he is our only child.

    oh, it's all good! we will adjust to a new normal. it will just take a while...

    love your blog...donna

  5. I have two children out of my 4 who will allow me to dress them and two who want to be totally in control. My 11 year old has about 4/5 shirt he will wear and the rest are collecting dust.

  6. Love those red shoes too!! I have a feeling that Will will always be close to you no matter where he goes to school or lives. Hope all have a great school year!

  7. Funny mom had a REALLY hard time when I went to college. It broke my heart to see her like that. It wasn't just freshman year but all 4 years I was there. (So bad that she would cry every July 1st on summer break because it was my "last full month at home.") Due to this, I have a heavy heart every time a coworker or friend sends a child to college. But whenever I do a kind gesture for them or attempt to offer encouraging words during that time of transition, the majority of the time they laugh and say they're thrilled! :) Different strokes for different folks I guess!

  8. Oh Kim we had the SAME PROBLEM this morning! I had gotten Bre's clothes out last night (she had fallen asleep early) and had it all laid out w/a cute bow. She got up and GROANED "awwwww I didn't wanna wear this"! I wanted to wear "my black jeans w/my mustache shirt and my little boots"! It was a set she "picked out in JCP". It was cute and all, but I kinda wanted the "nostalgic look" for the first day!! She had grown quite opinionated this year it seems. She is pretty compliant about what I put on her...well NOT THIS MORNING. I still told her...well, you still gotta wear this set ok? She reluctantly agreed!!

    So far as the COLLEGE "TEARS"...omg been there...done that!! It's such a bittersweet moment. I can remember their SHEER EXCITEMENT and my SHEER "hidden" FEAR. That first month or so, was so very hard seeing their empty bedroom, but it got much easier and I anticipated each "school break" with SHEER EXCITEMENT! Believe me...the tides turns fairly early.

  9. I totally agree! My oldest sounds very similar to your Will, he is starting 10th grade and am trying to savor every moment with him!!! I love spending time with him and I love the person he is ...funny, sensitive, smart - the best big brother! He gives me the longest hugs...oh, I'm tearing up just typing this! I just don't know what the 4 of us would do without are not alone :)

  10. I think you will be sad and miss Will, but the fact that he will be in college and having new experiences will be so exciting. Plus he will be having such a blast :)

    I don't think my mom cried as she left me freshman year, probably because I was being such a 'you know what' getting everything organized in my dorm room. However, I know she cried a couple of hours later!

  11. My tears occurred today (my eldest 20th B-day) when I wished her Happy Birthday via Skype; the first birthday that she has ever had apart from me (she is overseas on a student placement related to her degree) and two years ago on an international flight (DD#1 studies overseas) coming home. I literally bawled on an 8 hour flight. No-one ever prepares you for how hard it is to let your child go, but it does get easier. DD#1 will enter her third year of university this fall and it is still hard to let go. I know she will be fine without me (and I take comfort in this), but some days are harder than others. I just can't get over how fast the 20 years went; the first year seemed endless (as she never slept), but after this, things have just gone by so fast. DD#1 though has taught me the gift of treasuring my time with my children and family and I think she will pass this on to her children as well; and so I smile through my tears. And I try to remember this at all times (even when she spends too much money on a purse LOL)...

  12. She is adorable!! If it's any consolation, my oldest is 22 and moved out of state and I cried for the first week and still have moments of tears. My husband and I have fought the urge to pack up and move there since he left even though it's not only impractical, it's not the right thing for the rest of us. <3 This mothering business is hard work!

  13. I love the expression of Kate's face when she is ready for you to leave her classroom. So funny! She is growing up! Love the shoes; I'm all for comfort along with style.

  14. The shoes are adorable! I love Mary Janes and knee socks. So sweet. Kate is cute as all get out!

    Cheers to a great school year for your peanuts!

  15. Oh God I cannot even face school full time let alone college!!!! Crying indeed! We love those shoes and get them every year too. xo

  16. Ok, Kate's faces when you were still in the room were FUNNY!!! Oh how fast they grow up. 2nd was that last year I could get LiLi to wear a big bow (or any bow!!) in her hair. She also stopped liking dresses in 3rd because she wanted to run faster than the boys and flip better than the other girls. Sighhhh...I guess it could be worse. Good luck with another school year!


  17. Hi Kim,

    I haven't stopped by in a while. It seems that you had an incredible summer. Can't help but note the physical changes in your kids over the summer. They are growing up!

    Love the red shoes! LOVE!



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