Wednesday, July 17, 2013
I took only a handful of pictures yesterday. I am just enjoying my kiddos and family and friends.  Speaking of friends.  Emily (Paige's daughter) spent the day with us and it was such a JOY!  Paige and I have been blog friends for a long time and we have coincidentally come here the same week 2 years in a row.  It has been so nice to forge a real life friendship for us and our families.  They are such good people.


Kate found some pistachios shells on the beach and "planted" them here in the sand. 
She even watered them:)


This girl is sweet and gorgeous inside and out.  She has the hugest heart and faith.  I adore her.  All of us do.  Kate said, "I wish she could stay forever!"  Thank you for spending the day with us Em. We all enjoyed your company so much!

Harry is really skim boarding a lot.  He has learned a few tricks and he even got a new board (not in these pics).  Really, the video shows his skill better but I have not uploaded it yet....

He is doing a 360 turn thingy here.  His new board has some foot pads that needed to cure overnight but he cannot wait to use it today!


Once again the weather was gorgeous all day but poured for about an hour in the late afternoon (5-6). It turned out fine because we were all back at the house getting cleaned up for dinner anyway!  We had dinner at someplace new (to us anyway... it's been here a while we had just never fought the crowd to go before).  It is called The Great Southern Cafe and it was SO good.  Dave had the pecan crusted grouper with cheese grits and hush puppies and that is what i want next time.  I loved my blackened shrimp with gouda grits and portabella and spinach cream sauce too. I think we will definitely add it to our yearly rotation.  I always like to grab a family shot on our way out to dinner each night.  I know I am a crazy silly Mom.


Uncle Moon, Ashton and my sister, Dawn.


The boys independently dressed in these colors but it influenced what Kate and I chose to wear.  So I guess I semi-coordinated the theme of red white and blue after I noticed 3 of the 5 had chosen that in their own.  I don't usually do that except on photo night!

Someone got new sunglasses.  Any guesses who?

Today one of my oldest and dearest lifelong friends is coming to visit with her daughters.
  I am so excited as we have not seen each other in a very, very long time.
 I cannot wait to get to know her girls too.


  1. Great vacation shots! That ORANGE COLOR just POPS in your sisters family photo and just enhance their beautiful tanned skin! Also love Kate's chevron dress! I have gone CHEVRON CRAZED for the fall! Such a FUN PATTERN! I can't wait to see the video you make! I'm so gonna try this! I LOVED SHANA'S VIDEO! Heck...I love everything and all things SHANA!! Her photography is breathtaking as is her and her beautiful family!

  2. Cute cute cute family photos! Your sister and her family are adorable too! Love that you got to see sweet Paige and her fam! Have fun!

  3. Have fun with your friend ! I can't wait to see your video! Happy you have had nice weather! It has been a summer filled with tons of rain for us who love in Georgia and Florida!

  4. Living vicariously through you! Love all your photos!

    xo ellie

  5. Your sister does not age!! I'd love to know her secret. There must be something in your genes! :)

  6. Awesome pics - your sister is beautiful too ! So glad the weather is staying good.

  7. Kim, we've been keeping up with the peanuts and Libbie says every day she wishes her best friend was going to be with her in Florida. She can't understand why were not there now too! Love the pics!!

  8. All gorgeous love beach pictures. That last picture truly is totally picture perfect!

  9. Looks like you're having a wonderful time! Love all the pics. I can't believe how fast all the kiddos are growing up! :(
    Let me know if you have time for a pitstop on your way home :)

  10. I always LOVE following your family on vacation - - thanks for taking the time to share these happy moments!
    Love Kate's darling bathing suits . . . and her "maxi" dress is to-die-for!
    Hope the rest of the week was wonderful,


  11. Your sunglasses comment is HILARIOUS. What a gorgeous beach and what wonderful times!! I am now following Paiges blog. So great!!!! Landon loves skim boarding! :)

  12. hi!! It's been too long since I've visited... I was just scrolling the posts on this first page and have decided that I want to be one of your children!!:) They have the most wonderful, fun life! Such a handsome family!
    happy summer,

  13. Wow congrats to Harry...the junior Olympics..that is HUGE!! You must be so proud. I love seeing all your pictures, you are a picture perfect family and I know its hard to say goodbye, like you I LOVED every minute with my kids and am my happiest when they are around...can so relate. Enjoy and savor these last weeks of summer knowing everyone is happy and doing something they love:)


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