Sweet Sixteen

Sunday, June 23, 2013
Will turned 16 yesterday.  And I must admit it has been rather emotional for me. He is my oldest child.  He is the one who made me a mother.  And it was not easy in the beginning.  Who am I kidding?-- it is not easy now either! But it was really hard then.

The first year of Will's life was really tough. We faced more than a lot of couples/families face in a lifetime. I won't go into it all because he would probably rather I didn't but it was not an easy adjustment to motherhood.  We spent a lot of time worrying about Will.  So, to see him grow up into this amazing and responsible young man is really rewarding. I am so proud of who he is as a person.

I love my relationship with Will.  He talks to me more than I think most teen boys do.  Yes, we bicker and he drives me nuts with certain things (driving and not planning ahead!).  But seriously, I think he is a really awesome kid.  He loves God.  He is a good friend. He works hard at school and his job.  He always asks us how our day was.  He is striving to be a "man for others " which is the focus of his Jesuit high school. And he is not spoiled. He rides public transportation to school or practice if I need him to and he does not ask for much.  He is always super appreciative of anything we give him.  I really could not ask for a better teenage son.

For his birthday, Will did not want a big fuss. He was not interested in a big party or dinner with lots of friends. He wanted to play a round of golf with his Dad and his best friend (they have been friends since they were 4-5 months old!).



Will and one of this best friends, David.
David is really tall. Like 6'4 tall.


After 18 holes of golf, the guys got cleaned up and we took Will and a few friends out to dinner.


A few quick family pics before dinner.  It was 99 degrees and super humid!
Gotta love Houston in the summertime.


My 3 peanuts.
{Kate is 7, Will, 16 and Harry, 12}
How did that happen?

We went to the original Carrabba's on Kirby
(which is not part of the franchised chain so the menu is a little different. They are still a locally owned family restaurant so the food is really really good).


David, Will and Thomas
These boys are so cute and nice and funny.  Will and Thomas play baseball and Will plays water polo.
They are all on the honor roll too.  Great boys!

Okay, enough of my bragging;)


We sat at the table next to the boys.  Our good friend Cathy came with us.
 She is Harry's godmother and Will's friend, David's Mom.


I think the boys had some good laughs.



Hard to see but the cake and candle is behind the water glass.
He really appreciated the waiters singing to him. HA!

We gave Will some Vineyard Vines and Polo clothes and Costas sunglasses for this birthday. I guess these sunglasses are good for being around water a lot and between water polo and lifeguarding, Will is around sun and water all the time! He is all prepped out.

I am going to do another post on Will's birthday and a little photo shoot we did last week.  I want to share a personal story or two for my memories.  There is so much catching up I have to do on this blog.  It was Kate's birthday a few weeks ago and I never even posted about it! I have been working a lot and that leaves little time for blogging.  But it looks like my schedule is really light this week so hopefully, I can get caught up on the blog.

Happy Birthday Will.  I love you!


  1. This is such a sweet post :) He's adorable!

    PS love harry popping out of that window!

  2. I looked at the picture of your three kiddos extra long. You can tell in that picture BIG time the age gap (temporary) between Harry and Will. Will looks like a young man! In a year this picture will change drastically again! You are a lucky and blessed woman Kim!!!

    1. Thank you Laura. I feel very blessed by my family.


  3. great post. I really would be interested in all that your family went thru the first year. bet others would be, too. happy birthday, will. did you notice that harry photo-bombed the second photo?! too cute. donna

    1. Yes Donna I love the photo bomb...I just did not point it out to see if anyone noticed on their own;) These posts share some of the struggles of that first year but there is a lot more

      http://3peanuts.blogspot.com/2010/08/lessons-from-my-13-year-old-son-sunday.html and here


      I might share more but My husband and my teen are way more private than I am so they need to give me permission;)

    2. thank you for the links...I read them both and am so happy to know him a little better. amazing. and well, those doughnuts he made! wow!

  4. I can't imagine how emotional this day must have been for you. Will is such a handsome young man and it looks like ya'll had a wonderful time celebrating him. Happy Birthday Will! :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Elizabeth. I clicked on your link to see if you had a blog. Looks like we might live near one another:)

  6. Sweet it is! As I watch my 14 year old transition from a boy to a man it is a little bitter sweet. Doesn't it seem like yesterday you were holding that boy in your arms for the first time drinking in the smell of a newborn with a future of possibilities and now they their voices have change, facial hair, and they are so independent. I looked at my son the other day and could not believe his body was no longer a body of a little boy. Sweet and Sad at the same time. Happy Birthday to Will! May all his dreams come true!

    1. Yes Kelleyn! It absolutely seems like yesterday that I was holding him in my arms (colic and all)! The other day I was at a hospital and saw a young couple with a newborn son and I wanted to stop them and tell them just how quickly it goes. Sigh. Thanks for the sweet comment!!

  7. Happy birthday to your handsome guy! Will sounds like an amazing son and there is something extra special about your first born! I hope I can write a similar post when Carson is 16! Such a fun age!

    1. Thank you Jodee. I know Carson is an incredible young man and you will have all these wonderful things (and more) to write on his 16th bday too.

  8. Love the little brother photo bomb! Happy Birthday, Will!

    1. I do too. Thanks for the kind wishes.

  9. Happy birthday to Will! He looks so grown up and handsome! The man he is becoming is a direct reflection of his wonderful parents...

    Today is my brothers birthday too!

    1. You are sweet MCW. Happy Birthday to your brother!

  10. Happy Birthday to your 16 year old! Time does fly by -- my oldest is 28 -- yikes! Great photos! Will is looking so grown up and mature and sweet! Aren't we the lucky Moms to have our two boys and a sweet girl from China! Hope you have a great week!

  11. Happy Birthday Will!! Those shorts are SO TFM!!!! xoxo

  12. He is such a handsome guy...but through your words even better is that I can tell how well-raised he is. You're going to have to hold the girls back from him! :)

  13. Happy Birthday, Will!! I cannot believe he is 16!

    That's the funny thing about blogs...you "get to know" so many people and watch their families grow that it's hard to believe when these big milestones come. You think "has it really been that long!?!"

    (Are they making kids taller these days!? Cannot believe how tall those boys are!)

  14. I know you are so proud of Will. He is so handsome. Happy Birthday Will!

  15. Birthdays are always bittersweet when you are the mom. Happy birthday to your son! Love the photo bomb. Wahoowa!

  16. Birthdays are always bittersweet when you are the mom. Happy birthday to your son! Love the photo bomb. Wahoowa!


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