Kate's Recital and the rest of Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
I hope I did not sound ungrateful in my last post.  I am thrilled that Kate dances and I love her recitals.  Mother's Day happened to be at the very end of about the most jam-packed 8 days in a row I've ever had!  I needed a Lord's day of rest.  And eventually I will get one;)

The kids gave me some sweet cards and homemade gifts on Mother's Day morning. Kate made me some cards and pictures and mother's day coupons.  Harry and Kate made me this for my desk....


Well, Harry made it but it was Kate's idea!  They are a good team.  It is a small twig and they burned Mom  and the ❤ into it with the sun and a magnifying glass!

And Will bought me the most thoughtful card.  He usually gets me a funny card but this year he told me that when he read this one, it said everything he felt about me.  I will always cherish it as it was a very adult sentiment about realizing how much a Mom does for their son to help them find their way in life.  This has been a challenging year and Will and I have become very close.

Some of these photos and video are from the dress rehearsal and some are from the actual performance. It is much easier to capture the dress rehearsal but I love to have some images of the performance too.

Kate was a little bit nervous for the dress rehearsal. The ballet teacher asked Kate to lead her class onto stage with a front walkover.  Their act was the acrobats (circus theme) and she was going to do a front walkover and cartwheel by herself on stage to open the dance.  They then changed it to a back walkover and cartwheel. Kate was a little afraid to be on stage alone for that part and a little afraid she would slip in her ballet slippers as she usually does gymnastics in bare feet.  BUT, it went so well in dress rehearsal that she was not nervous at all yesterday.

I just love to watch her dance because she glows up there on stage.  She might forget a step here or there but she looks SO happy and so graceful to me:)


Here she is doing her walkover.






Here are videos of the dress rehearsal and recital.  Even though they are not the best quality, I am so glad I have these. I was too "busy" in 2011 to upload the video right away of Kate's recital and now I think I lost them on my computer:(

720p from Kim S on Vimeo.

1080p from Kim S on Vimeo.

Kate starts out in the second row on the very end.

I know it is only my Mom and a couple close friends who want to see them but really I put them here so I can find them;)

After the show, we gave her some roses...




I love my tiny dancer.  This was Kate's 5th ballet recital!  Below is a picture of her first day of ballet.


January 2009
2.5 years old

On another note, I am going to be much more consistent in my blogging.  Three Peanuts is really important to me.  It is my life journal.  It is important to me because this is a record of the most important thing I do in life (after loving God)....love my family.  I love looking back and remembering all these special moments and I know one day this will be priceless to my children.


  1. I love Kate's face receiving the flowers!

    Very crafty that wood and magnifying glass. I was picturing them holding up a lighter or matches! ha

  2. Kim

    Kate looked amazing. She Looked happier this year in a Pink "girly" outfit then in her outfit from last year. I hope Harry is feeling better. It is good to see him smiling.


  3. I love seeing how expressive Kate is when she dances! Darling!!

  4. I have missed-missed you so, so much. You have no~idea how happy I am that you will be back more consistently. Your family is just so adorable!
    xo, Mary Ann in Vermont

    1. Mary Ann,

      You are so sweet. You made my day! I am glad you are happy that I will be posting more again!


  5. Kim, I hope you know how amazingly gifted Kate is. She's truly a wonderful performer with such grace and talent!

    1. Brooke, you are sweet! I think Kate is a beautiful performer with fabulous stage presence but I never know if that is just because I am her Mom and love her so much or if she really is;) Thank you for your compliment!

  6. Kate is a beautiful little dancer. She is so graceful. Slow down littlest peanut you are growing up way too fast. She looks so tiny in that last picture. She is a precious little girl and performer.

  7. Kate is a beautiful ballerina! Glad to catch up with your family and look forward to reading more as always!

    1. Thank you Amy. I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  8. Kate looks like a natural there! Such a little beauty!! Your Mother's Day sounded fun and busy!!

    Love the homemade gifts -- my boys used to burn up bugs wth that method! Boys!!

    Hope the last bit of school is going well for all of the Peanuts!


  9. Precious! You have such sweet giving kids!


Thank you for your kindness.