Easter Sunday

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
I am so out of the loop of my usual posting.  When my computer crashed last year, I lost photoshop and my normal workflow for posting photos to the blog.  I finally downloaded a free trial version for now (but it is SO different and I totally forget all the editing tools I used to know like the back of my hand).  Anyway, let's just say a post that used to take me a half hour to throw together is now taking me A LOT longer while I re-learn some things.

I hope y'all had a blessed Easter.  Even though we had 40 days of Lent to prepare, I felt like Easter snuck up on us this year.

We had a nice Easter.  It was low key and quiet but I liked it.  Dave seems to be traveling a lot more for business and he had been in London the week before Easter so we were just thrilled to have him home.

The night before Easter we watched a family movie called The Rise of the Guardians.  My gang really enjoyed it.  I think it is a great family movie.

Here are the peanuts baskets....


Will slept in but Kate and Harry were excited to see what the Easter bunny brought...



Harry has become quite obsessed with silver and gold and coin collecting, so he loved the mini scale the Easter bunny brought him....


We eventually woke up Will and we all headed out to Easter Sunday Mass...




After Mass, we hung out at home.  We also went to visit a good friend for a little while. After that,  I did a lot of purging, cleaning and organizing. I feel quite sure I did purge 40 bags in 40 days of Lent but there are still areas of our house that need cleaning out and organizing and it is driving me CRAZY!  So, I tackled a closet, the boys' computer nook and two art drawers/cabinets.  It was probably not the best way to spend a few hours on Easter but honestly I had to take advantage of the time. Between Dave's travel, my work and the kids' schedules, there is never time to do that stuff anymore.

Later in the day, we had our family egg hunt.  It was really dark and about to pour.  Between little light and the kids running, most of the photos were a blur:)  I asked Will to participate one last time.  I know he is a little old but it is more fun with 3 kiddos running around.  I hate that they grow up!






This year, Harry found the golden egg...


Maybe because it started raining and he spied me snapping a photo of it (they were having great difficulty finding it).


Sitting on the back porch looking at the loot and eating some of the candy!

Spring has definitely spring here in Texas and I hope it is coming soon wherever you all love.

Happy Passover to all my friends who celebrate it.
 I think tonight is when you get to eat regular food again;)
 And I hope everyone had a lovely Easter.


  1. So happy you had a wonderful Easter! My your oldest is getting so tall!

  2. your children had grown up so quickly!!! Your have a beautiful family!

  3. Just a little tip to keep your kids interested in Easter eggs hunts well into their college years......just put money into a few of the eggs! Place a bigger bill, like a $10 or $20 in one of the eggs....put $1's or $5's in the others. They will scramble around like there is a $100 out there somewhere! It is actually funnier now that they are older because the really dive for them and try to beat out their brothers and sisters.

  4. I have a choir friend at church who told me that she and her sister hunted eggs well into their 20's--up until she got married a couple of years ago! She said they were very competitive and her parents put money in the eggs. I'll have to try that. We gave up the Easter egg hunts years ago, but I might think about this since it will be awhile until I have grandkids (thank goodness--I'm not quite mentally ready for that!)

  5. Such a beautiful family, Kim!!! They all get more and more gorgeous as they get older!! xoxo

  6. Hi Kim, My girls want a dog sooo bad, What type of dog do you have?
    Thanks, anna

  7. Hi Kim, What type of dog do you have, my girls want a dog so bad.

    1. Anna, Our dog, Scout, is a shnoodle and she is THE BEST dog. She is sweet and never chews things and she is not needy at all but she will come sit in your lap if you want her to. She only barks when she should bark. I think all our dogs from now on will be schnoodles. They are smart and easy! And no shedding!!!!


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