Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Kate had school on her special day.  But I picked her up a little early and we went to get pedicures.

Will was home so he snapped a few pics of us before we left...





I let Kate choose what we would do and she chose a mani-pedi.  We do not make this a regular thing at all.  I personally think mani-pedis should be a "special treat" for little girls not something that is routine.  

Anyway, I found a place that has sweet little chairs for kids because last year, Kate's feet did not reach the water.  This little butterfly chair was right next to mine and Kate loved that the water changed colors. I kind of wanted to take more pictures but I put my camera away and just spent the hour enjoying my daughter.  She is great company as she is just such a happy little soul and she has a great sense of humor. She kept saying that she did not want this day to end.  Funny how very simple things like picking a child up an hour early and spending special time with them makes their whole little beings fill with JOY!




When they asked me to pay (before painting my fingernails), I could not find my wallet!  I panicked a little. This is not my usual nail place, so they did not know me at all.  I specifically chose it for the butterfly chairs for Kate.  Will was on his second Spring break and I had given him money for something and I had left my wallet at home. We went home right after our mani-pedis, got my wallet and went back to pay.

Here is a phone shot of her nails...


When we got home, Kate wanted to get cozy in her PJ's.  She is just like me in that way!  She set up a little cozy play area right next to where I was reading...


She read a few books to her little Panda buddies.

I love how Scout got in and listened to the stories too...


She played school with Scout and the Pandas.  It might have just been the CUTEST thing ever!


I LOVE the smudge of blue chalk on her forehead!!!



We had tacos for dinner (one of Kate's favorite meals!). It was kind of chilly this day so Kate did not want to go out for ice cream.  She wanted to make s'mores after dinner. Harry had another terrible migraine (5 of them last week) so he was in bed and Will was out (maybe working?) so it was just lil Katie Ru.

We did not bother lighting the fireplace and just did them over the gas stove...


BTW...there are some new cool flat marshmallows out there now just for s'mores.



I think they are pretty cool and a lot less messy too!



We had a lovely day together celebrating Kate.


  1. Hi, Kim! I'm so sorry I haven't commented in a while. I need to get back in the habit of popping over and checking in :-) Your kids are growing up so fast!! I can't get over how beautiful they are. I especially love the family photo on your "about" page! I hope everything is going well for you all. Sending hugs! xoxo


  2. A perfectly special day with two perfectly special people!! Happy Tuesday!!

  3. This just melts my heart. I absolutely adore the photo of her reading to her pandas and Scout. Just the sweetest. What a perfectly special day you guys had!

  4. Those marshmallows make SO MUCH SENSE! Being picked up from school early was always so excited...even if it was for a doctors appt or something boring. Kate's hair is SO long! Glad you all had a great time.

  5. What a lovely write-up! I especially love the pictures of Kate relaxing in her PJ's and playing school. She is a darling girl!!

  6. We will be stocking up on those marshmallows for the cabin!!!! What a special day for you two!!!!! She's growing up to be so much like her special Mama!!!


  7. What an awesome day! I would have picked the same thing Kate did! Blessings to you sweet momma :)

  8. So cute....for a precious little girl. Happy to see her day was so special...and I remember being a kid and getting picked up early..it was like winning a jackpot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!!

  9. She looks SO adorable w/those MISSING TEETH!!! Beautiful pics of you and Kate! BEAUTIFUL!!!

    PS Gonna have to try that SMORES idea. Bre LOVES marshmallows!!!

  10. So sweet! I had just met you before Kate came home, and remember reading your blog (and checking throughout the night for updates!) and just crying when I saw you holding her!

  11. I'm sure you've tried everything for the migraines but I thought I would share... We use coconut oil for my daughter's hair and I was reading on all of its other benefits. According to what I found, taking 2 Tbs a day helps migraines.

    Happy Family Day to you!!! :)

  12. Sounds like a perfectly special day. Love the photos. You two are so cute, and the photos of her reading to her pandas and Scout are so, so sweet! She is a girl after my own heart, I'm a comfy jammies girl for sure!

    Gin =)

  13. Love, love, love the photo of you kissing Kate; Gorgeous.

  14. I have had headaches since I was your sons age. My doctor just this year prescribed me sumatripitan (nasal spray) and it is the best thing I have ever had for my migraines. Im not sure if you have tried this or if it's even something that children can take but it is the only thing I have found (besides excederine) that has worked on my migraines!

  15. I have had migraines since I was about your sons age and not knowing what to do for them is the worst! My Dr this year finally gave me a prescription for sumatripitan (nasal spray) for my migraines and it has been the best thing ever for getting rid of them...within 10 minutes of taking it its gone....and it usually keeps them from coming again for a few weeks. It is the only thing (besides excederine) that I have been able to take to get rid of them. Im not sure if it is something you and your Dr have tried with your son but just wanted to mention it. Hope he feels better!


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