Sunday, December 9, 2012
This is how I would describe my very talented friend, Lisa.  She is really gracious.  She is an extremely talented photographer and she graciously shares her talents with so many people.   You should go see some of her incredible photography. Lisa has another full time job (in addition to being a loving Mommy and fabulous chef).  But she continues to share her gifts and talents with others.  Lisa teaches AMAZING photography workshops  and mentors other women who want to better their photography.  I have had the privilege of participating in a few of these workshops and Lisa amazes me each time.  I barely have time these days to do my "homework" and I don't have a full time job right now.  But Lisa always makes the time and energy to not only continually inspire us with her work but she is always offering positive and constructive feedback for us.

Lisa gives back to others who are less fortunate too.  She blesses the adoption world many times over.  She has adopted her daughters and she donates part of her photography workshop fees to help orphans.  She is also partnering with Stefanie and Di again this year to raise money for three different organizations that help orphans.  I really have so much respect for that.

My friend Lisa is trying to win a seat at a photography seminar and I cannot think of someone who deserves it more.  See, Lisa will grow and learn at this workshop but she will also share her newfound knowledge with others.  She is not competitive or secretive.  She is generous and giving and encouraging.  PLEASE take one second and go here and vote for Lisa Furey in the upper right hand corner.  It literally takes one second:

First, click HERE .  Then, in the upper right hand corner vote for Lisa Furey.  Then, sit back and feel good about helping out a great person!

The last time I asked y'all to vote for someone, they won a chance to have fertility treatments to start a family!!  How awesome is that? Y'all gave someone a chance at a family.  Thank you for being such awesome readers.

She has no idea I am posting this but I'd be so thrilled if she won.  She has such a giving heart and I'd like to see that rewarded:)

P.S. The voting ends tomorrow so go do it now!!! Please!


  1. So sweet of you to post this! Lisa is amazing -- hope she wins!

  2. Kim, I am so touched that you would take time during this busy time of year to write such a beautiful post on my behalf. Really, I don't think words could express what it means to me and I pray that one day I can do something this special in return for you.

    Regardless if I win or lose the contest for the workshop....... I have felt an overwhelming amount of love, support, and encouragement from so many of the people that surround me in my life. And in my book, that makes me feel like a winner, regardless of what the polls show.

    Many blessings to you and your family this holiday season~



  3. LOVE the quote!!!!! Lisa's going to be so thankful you posted this!!! She deserves this awesome opportunity!!! Of course she has my vote!!!!

    It's a snow globe here today!!!

  4. YES!! Everyone go vote!!! Lisa is an AMAZING photographer and teacher!! Go vote! Thanks Kim for posting this! So sweet!

  5. Very sweet post, Kim. Merry Christmas to your family!

  6. She has my vote!!!

    Hope she gets to go!


  7. Such a beautiful idea to share this way, Kim! I am sooo hoping she wins as well - what a well deserved blessing that would be for one who gives so much!

    P.S. You are one incredibly gracious lady as well, my friend!!


  8. love lisa!!
    already voted...ReaALLY hope she wins!

  9. Already voted and I am signed up for a workshop and I can't wait to learn from her!

  10. What a sweet post! Cory and I both voted!

  11. I will go vote now! So happy to hear your friends won the fertility treatment...I was so touched by their story and so deserve a little family. Thanks Kim!

  12. Thank you for writing this post for Lisa! I voted last week but was so happy to flip over just now and see that she is winning! She is a winner no matter what but I would be so happy to see her win this opportunity!

  13. I adore Lisa!! I cast my vote a week or so ago. I also posted on my fb page asking for votes!! Go Lisa!! It's NECK IN NECK right now!!!


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