Christmas Happenings

Monday, December 24, 2012
I am not letting the fact that I don't have my computer and software get in my way.  I have once again hi-jacked the boys PC to try to keep my blog current for all my favorite holiday memories:)  Grab a cup of coffee.  This is a long one!

For as long as I have known Dave, I have known the Lemon family.  Dave's family and their family were friends growing up and they lived in Libya as children.  Every December 23rd, they host a Christmas party and every December 23rd that we have lived in Texas, we have gone.  I even remember bringing Harry when he was just 2 weeks old!  So, last night we all went to the party.  It is a party that has 3 or 4 generations gathered together and it is so wonderful to see.  Here are some pics of our family as we were heading out the door....
I love Kate's little foot here:)


You might notice that Will's braces have come off.
Well, look quickly because they are going back on next week. Don't ask!

So glad to get one of me and Dave as it has been a long time since we had a picture together.

We all had a GREAT time at the party and stayed much later than we normally do.

Also a few days ago, my very dear friend , Jen and her kiddos stopped by on their way to Grandma's house.  We were so glad to have them.  I made a big pot of chili and we all hung out for a few hours...

How cute is Jen?! I adore her!!
The kids had a ball.  The boys wrestled with the girls, went for a bike ride to what my city kids call nature (a bayou ditch), built a little bonfire, set off fireworks, shot hoops and played ping pong and some video games!  The girls played dress up and watched Hello Kitty.  They were so cute...
They gave Kate this sweet glittery angel

We gave them fun Christmas bows because every little girl needs another Christmas bow, right?

I will say it was a little wild having 8 kids running around a few days before Christmas but I think they all had fun.

Bryce and Will were so sweet with the little girls.  Kate and Wesleigh got a lot of tickling and wrestling.  I saw a very feisty side of Kate come out with Bryce....



These crack me up!!!
Sweet hugs goodbye...
Earlier that day was Kate's kindergarten Christmas party.  Will was done with his final exams so he came with me.  I love that he comes to this stuff with me when he can.  Kate will only be in 3rd grade when he leaves for college so I really try to encourage a close relationship between them now.

Of course, he was hoping there would be food there.
The way to this boy's heart is definitely through his stomach!
So, Kate shared her goodies with him!
Also last week, we were taking Harry to the park to play with his friends and we bumped into Santa.  Kate was so excited, she ran right over to him and hopped up into his lap.  I was so thrilled to capture this on my phone.  She asks Santa if Rudolph is real.

Finally, Saturday night, we went out for our traditional Christmas pizza (and manicotti) and drove around to look at lights.  We saw Santa then too....
(from my phone)
The trees in this neighborhood are literally dripping with lights. It is so beautiful. People take horse drawn carriage rides through the neighborhood.
Another memory I want to cherish is how much Kate helped me with our cards this year. Dave was in Israel and France for the first half of December so things were extra hectic around here. Kate was a HUGE help tying a lot of ribbons and stuffing envelopes and putting stamps on cards. I was so grateful. She really loved doing it too.

Finally, one of my favorite things that we have done since Will was a baby is Christmas caroling to the elderly in our church family. We do this every year but I am not sure I have ever blogged about it. A large group of families divides up and we sing and then we all meet up for pizza and fellowship.  I think it teaches the peanuts the true meaning of Christmas.
I absolutely LOVE Christmas Eve!!!  It is probably my favorite night of the year. We go to Mass as a family and tonight a special friend is joining us.  Then we are going out to a nice dinner and home for our traditions.  I hope you all have special times with the ones you love.  Be loving and compassionate to each other.  That is what Christ wants for us. And I know I need to remind myself often:)

P.S.Several people have e-mailed me asking about Kate's dress from the Teddy Bear Tea and our Christmas Card.  Those dresses and the two dresses in this post all came from Zulily. 


  1. Looks like there has been lots of Christmas magic going on at your house. I love those Christmas lights. Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Love the goofing around pictures!

    Sexy mama in that black skirt.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Kim, you look stunning in those first photos in that little black and white sparkley dress!
    Looks like you've been really busy this Christmas with lots of fabulous traditions!

    Merry Christmas!


  4. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! Love the lights! Glad you were able to hang out with friends which is what really makes the holidays the holidays!

  5. Merry Christmas friend!! Love all the pictures! The ones of our visit made me laugh out loud :) hope you have an amazing day!! Love you!!

  6. Merry Christmas! Love the photos. My girl just got her braces off too, and is learning life with clear retainers. She keeps thinking hers might have to go back on. I hope not. Christmas blessings to you and yours.

  7. Looks like lots of fun happenings at your house! Seriously -- you and Jen are adorable and so fashionable. Thinking you need to start a "what to wear" blog -- i need help!!! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day!


  8. HI!
    How is it that you look younger and more gorgeous each year.? I am catching up on all of your Christmas happenings!!!! So glad you got to see Jen and crew!! Loved your Christmas Card!!!! I pray that 2013 is a wonderful year for you and the peanuts!!


  9. Wonderful post...this put a smile on my face to see a home filled with so much love. Looks like it was a picture perfect holiday!! All the best in 2013!

  10. I love these fun pictures - especially your party outfit! But of course most of all, I love that the true spirit of Christmas really shines through your family. It is so obvious through these words and pictures. God bless!

  11. the shot of will at kate's school almost made me cry!

    i HAVE to know where you got that long white tunic. it's just my style!

    thanks, donna

    1. Donna,

      so funny because a few people e-mialed me asking about it. that shirt I got it a few years ago at a Brooks Brother's outlet. It is one of their long no iron crisp white shirts. I wear it a lot as it look cute and is comfy. I looked on the Brooks brothers site and did not see it but it was a staple piece of theirs for along time.


    2. thank's for the info, kim. maybe I will luck up on one someday!

      happiest of new years to you and your family...donna

  12. Such an enjoyable post, Kim! You certainly are blessed with a wonderful family, church family and friends! I hope 2013 brings even more joy to you and your family!

  13. Oh how I love this post! You guys look so cute!!! I love all your favorite memories. I was not able to do a lot of what I wanted this year because of Coco being in the hospital, but she was my best Christmas present! So glad she's home!!! xo

  14. Spending the morning catching up with friends! Your family is so beautiful, so joyful. Thank you for sharing. It is encouraging to see your joy in spite of your recent trials. You just tugged my heart when you mentioned that little Kate will only be in 3rd grade when Will goes off to college! My youngest son is 7 now, and he is already stressing about when my older still (just in 6th grade) will be leaving the nest! Too sad to think about! {Hmmmm...we've got some good colleges nearby...}

    And your wardrobe just rocks. You are consistently fashionable and appropriate and fun. Not that I come here for the clothes!

    I continue to pray for your family, even when I do not have time to visit or comment. Merry Christmas, dear Kim.

  15. Wow, you guys sure have been enjoying yourselves during this great holiday season!!! Merry Christmas to you all!!!!!

  16. Love all the photos! Your outfit on Christmas was gorgeous. Hannah actually has something similar to wear to the Nutcracker tonight (J. Crew??). Looks like you had lots of fun. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  17. Merry Christmas to you all! While I have been spending practically zero time on the computer this holiday season, I have absolutely been keeping everyone in my prayers. We have had a most blessed Christmas, and I'm so happy to read that you all have, as well!

  18. I just finished catching up on your blog. I have been soooo behind on blog reading. You look so beautiful (as does your whole family), and I LOVE every one of your outfits and Kate's. I was to steal your wardrobes. =) Your Christmas sounds amazing. I hope you have a Happy New Year!


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