Thursday, October 25, 2012
My guy is celebrating a special birthday this week.  And we can all use some celebrating.  Our family is so blessed to have Dave at the helm.  I say it all the time but he is the glue that holds our family together.   And we are all incredibly grateful for him. I am throwing Dave a little party this weekend.  A taco truck, a margarita machine, tres leches and a group of good friends.  It doesn't get much better than that!  I'll be back in a few days with photos.

And in case you did not know, Ivy Joy is doing great.  Go check Mary's blog to read about a real life miracle. Only God could write a story like Ivy's. 
Thank you for all the prayer.  Faith is an amazing thing.

Oh and one more update.  The reading specialist has worked with Kate for the last 3 days at school even though the district told us she does not qualify.  Not sure what is going on?  We have a meeting with the school and the district diagnostician on Tuesday. So, I am building my case and I am so grateful for all of the advice and information you provided.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Our school itself is actually incredible and they want Kate to succeed.  It is more of a district battle I think.


  1. Have a wonderful time celebrating a wonderful man in your life!! :D

  2. Its good to hear about miracles. Happy bday to your special guy...may it be filled with laughter, smiles and little miracles:)

  3. Happy Birthday Dave!! Sounds like a fab party -- love the invites! Enjoy your weekend of celebrating!

  4. Wish we could be there to share in Dave's celebration! I know you have planned a fantastic evening! Enjoy it! You definitely DESERVE it!!!!!!!!

    As for Kate, I can think of no better advocate than you!!!!


  5. Went through dealing with 2 school districts (had to do it twice, since we moved) on an issue with one of my boys. They wanted to wait until he was 2 standard deviations from the norm. I got it that there were many children worse off, but I agree with you, early intervention is paramount. The first time we ended up seeking a private specialist (I was NOT going to wait for him to get 2 standard deviations from the norm). The second school district was more accomodating as he had already been receving services. You are your child's best advocate. Keep on top of all the teachers/therapists and what they are doing. Most are awesome and have the patience of saints, others well... My son did well through elementary school, middle school. No longer needed anything in high school and is now a college freshman doing well. Hang in there. It's so easy to get frustrated.

  6. Wishing Dave a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!!! I have got to try one of those TACO TRUCKS!! Have a FUN WEEKEND celebrating and also...

    So wonderful to hear about Kate!! Don't you just love GREAT TEACHERS!!!

  7. Have to ADD....Going HOP OVER to Mary's blog and witness GOD'S MIRACLE!!!

  8. Wonderful wonderful! Ivy hooray! Your party sounds right up my alley! Can't wait to see the photos.

  9. Happy Bday to Dave!

    I've actually been checking out taco trucks. If you don't mind, would you share who you are using? We've considered Armando's... but were hoping to check out more down and dirty options too.

    1. t,

      E-mail me via the button on my sidebar and I will let you know how this one is. I don't think it is "pretty" like the Armando's one. But I have friends that have used them for a party and the food was delicious and the service was great form what I heard.


    2. I am so happy to hear that news about Kate! She's obviously a very bright girl and it would be a crime for them to not allow her to get a jump start on reaching her potential and, worse, to maybe get discouraged with school already.

      Happy Birthday to Dave. The party sounds fun..and yummy!

      Gin =)

  10. Happy Birthday to Dave! That sounds like a perfect way to celebrate! Makes me crave guacamole and a margarita!! And I with all these pinterest photos, I've been dying to try a tres leche cake! YUM!

  11. Can't wait to hear about Dave's party! What a fun idea. I hope he had a very happy birthday.


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