more of Libbie and Kate

Monday, July 2, 2012
So as I said, these girls had so much FUN together. And we took lots of photos.  It was HOT and mosquitoey and with two silly girls and two mamrazzis, it was a little hard to get good shots.   I will tell you that Libbie is an amazing little girl.  NOTHING stops her.  And she is funny!!!



Kate picked that flower and put it in Libbie's hair.

They made a lot of funny faces....


In this one, they were sitting next to each other and I was telling Libbie to look into my camera and this is what she did....

Libbie funny_7630

She cracks me up!


There was a lot of skipping....




She is totally airborne here.

Libbie watched Kate (and Kate literally skips and dances through life constantly) and Libbie followed right along....


She does not let anything hold her down!

There was a lot of hugging and trying to pick each other up...





When we got to the parking lot the girls decided to dance.....





You can just tell how much they love each other.

When we got back to the house, Harry let the girls do some sparklers/firecrackers (thanks for the loot, Lambert)!

See, Harry and Owen were here (they were playing Wii most of the night)


Libbie seemed to really enjoy the sparkler


We had some dessert and Kate played some violin...
(Kate's teeth look purple in the photos from the blackberry cobbler and I don't want to take the time to fix them:)


After Kate played, she taught Libbie how to hold the violin...


It was so very sweet.


They jammed for quite a while (and they danced too).
I'm afraid that Kate taught Libbie to "shake her bootie."



I managed to get one photo of Will.  He really adores Libbie too.

I know that there are more photos than should be allowed in one post but we had a fun time and I want to preserve the little memories.

Shelly took some great photos and they are posted on her blog too.

I have lots to catch up on and will be posting everyday this week:)


  1. Great photos. Looks like you had a wonderful evening.

    Does your hubby share his recipe for the brisket? My hubby starts a new job tomorrow and I would love to have a yummy dinner for him.

    1. Thank you and congrats on your hubby's new job. I think it is a great idea to have a special dinner for him when he gets home. I am not sure there is a recipe per se....He rubs it all over with Goode Company brisket rub, slow smokes it over low heat on the grill (with mesquite chips I think) for several hours then finishes it off on low heat in the oven. I'll ask him for more details when he gets home. We just ate the last of it today for lunch and it was delicious!!!!

  2. What fun -- those girls are adorable together!! Sweet to see Harry and Will too. You all are having a fabulous summer, aren't you!! Enjoy the 4th!!

  3. These are great! Love the girls dresses!!

  4. How precious they are! You can feel their sweetness and energy jumping off the screen....very very cute and love the dresses, love the way you dress Kate! And your boys....very sweet kids, its written all over their adorable faces:) Happy 4th to you!

  5. wonderful pics!!!!! I so remember following along when Libbie's parents got her in China and all the fear they felt. God is so very good, what a precious child she is!!! So cool that you all live so close!!

    1. Isn't it amazing Paige???? No one in China would have ever guessed just how far Libbie has come!!! She is SUCH A GIFT from GOD!!!!


  6. Have you ever considered adopting a sister for Kate? She seems so happy in the "big sister" role!!! Not an infant, but a preschooler??

    1. Gale,

      I have prayed for a sister for Kate for as long as I can possibly remember. I used to actively "look" for a SN adoption child for our family and I used to pour my heart out to Dave about it regularly. Kate and I would love nothing more that to see her have a sister. Kate has prayed about it too. In fact, it has pained me for a long time that we are not adopting again. Believe me, I have shed many, many tears over it. For the privacy sake of other members in my family, I cannot tell you why we are not adopting anymore children but God has led us down a different path. And I am finally comfortable with the fact that this is God's intention for us.


  7. Kim YOU got the amazing shots. I sure wish i knew how to use this speed light. I love your work. We had the VERY best time and can't wait to see yall again. PS, I'm not sure Lambert wants me to disclose the location of the BIKINI Fireworks Stand!! Ha. I'll call you tomorow.

  8. precious girls..who really adore each other..sweet!

  9. You have such a gift for taking the best pictures, Kim! You really can feel the personalities of the people in them just jumping off the pages. Libbie is adorable - and I also love the one with Kate showing her how to play the violin. Precious!

  10. Love all the pictures but my (2) favorite are:
    The first shot of Kate/ Libbie dancing
    The picture of Kate skipping ahead and Libbie following behind her

    Priceless and FRAMEWORTHY!!

  11. The naturally kind , nurturing and patient heart of Kate the shines through in these pictures is just breathtaking. Than you so much for sharing!

    1. You are very sweet to say that Beth. And that is my Kate...she is kind, patient and nurturing. Happy 4th of July!

  12. Wow....Libby has changed so much since she came home:) She certainly looks happy!

  13. You're pictures are so bright and beautiful Kim! Two gorgeous girls! Kate is a wonderful 'Mommy' - it is obvious she has been mommied in a beautful way to reflect it, right here.



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