Thursday, July 26, 2012
Side Note:  If you want to see the story Fox 40 ran on Evangeline and her family's fight for her life, click here.

I still have so many photos and things I want to post about our vacation but I am having a hard time getting back on track this week...getting back to exercising, getting the kids to their activities-- art camp for Kate, sports camp for Harry and volunteering at the Zoo for Will.

Anyway, while we were in the Seaside area, we got to meet one of my favorite bloggers (who is a friend too) and her BEAUTIFUL (inside and out) family.  I have read Simple Thoughts for as I long as I can remember and I think Paige has been reading 3 peanuts for years and years too.  We have talked on the phone and e-mailed but we never got to meet until last week.  It was coincidence that we were vacationing at the same time in the same area but I feel so blessed that we were.

We saw them in the streets of Seaside and I was not really ready with my camera.  It was late and my settings were all set from an earlier shoot I did.  Anyway, here are a few pics (some are iphone)


Thank you for taking our picture Dawn and Trevor!


Paige is such an incredible person.  I loved meeting her.
 I only wish we had more time to just sit and chat.

Kate LOVED LOVED LOVED Paige's girls (and so did I). Seriously, they are the cutest, nicest people!!  We also LOVED Dan and Trevor.  They are keepers.




Kate was just in her glory with the sweet and beautiful girls.  She wanted to see them again and again.  She has asked about them several times since we've been home.


Knowing that Paige's girls are into dance, gymnastics and cheer, Kate had to do a split for them;)


Kate thought "that handsome boy" (Trevor) was their brother.  I told her he was Savannah's boyfriend and she said, "Oh!  He is a handsome boyfriend!!"


Trevor, Will, Dave and Dan

Then on the way home we stopped and visited my sweet friend Jen and family.  I have known Jen for a long time now and we first met in person 4 years ago when we were moving to Texas (we look so different since then).  When we first met, they did not have any little girls how times have changed!

(this is 4 years ago)

 Actually they are "our" friends I guess since the kids and husbands know each other now too.  We get to see them at least once a year.

I had SO MUCH fun with the girls.  Wesleigh and Gracie were both very affectionate with me and it warmed my soul.  This was our first time meeting Miss Gracie and she stole our hearts.  What a cutie pie!!!




July 2012-8677

We had been traveling at least 7 hours in the car and we were not looking our "freshest."  Jen was sweet enough to have ordered pizza for us all.  The kids had a great time and we did not want to leave but we still had 5-6 more hours of driving ahead of us.  That was a LONG day!

I feel very blessed to call these women and their families our friends.


  1. my sweet friend!!! can i just tell you again what a MAJOR highlight of my summer it was to meet you. finally!!
    we are all smitten with each of you. i'm so sorry we couldn't have spent more time together too.
    thank you for the love!!
    we'll get together again. i just know it!!
    love you sweet friend

    1. I feel the same way Paige. Thank you!!!!

  2. How wonderful that you got to meet up with Paige and her sweet family and see Jen again! You all look great!! Must admit I am rather jealous and think a bloggy friend meet-up should be scheduled! I'm always ready for some beach time! :)

    1. Janet, I would LOVE to meet you and Jodee too!!!!!!

  3. Love you girl!! You are doing better posting than I am!!! We'll see you soon when we head your way!!

    1. We really hope you come our way soon!

  4. Oh my goodness....Will looks SO old and handsome in that picture with the "guys."

    Love all of the stripes :)

    1. See... I told oyu I am wearing a lot of stripes too;)

  5. It looks like such a great time all to see all the photos!

  6. Always wonderful to see how all the beautiful adoption community form great friendship and just GELS with one another!! Great Post!!

  7. Wow, how exciting for you and Paige to meet in Seaside. You all look gorgeous in the photos. Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer.

    1. Thanks Susie. I hope you all are having a good summer too!

  8. how sweet and special! it's precious friendships like these that make life so full!

  9. I read Jen's blog too, so to see these pics was like worlds colliding! ;)

    Love the pics of the kids together.

    Thanks for updating your readers on my daughter's story.

    Lindsey (Evangeline's mom)

  10. So awesome that you and Paige and all the girls met - what a great pic of a lot of beautiful ladies. I met her at Pearls and Grace earlier in the year - what an awesome family. I LOVE your dress. Have a blessed weekend.

  11. So cute to see Wesleigh and Gracie lovin' on you!

  12. I'm glad your getting back into exercising. Taking care of yourself is always super important.



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