Thursday, June 14, 2012
is going pretty well so far.  I usually dread summer.  Let's face it... the Texas heat  is not fun.  But this year, we have a nice mix of things planned and so far, so good.  Except, I am really busy shuttling kids to fun activities.  I usually have one hour to exercise and a half hour to shower and the rest of the day I am the activities director/chauffeur.

I realized I never posted about the rest of Kate's birthday and my b-day letter to her.  After breakfast in bed and baking a cake, Kate opened a few gifts....


Kate loves mermaids and so she got some Barbie mermaid pool/bath toys.  We also got her a butterfly nursery and I am going to get her an Eiffel Tower charm for her charm bracelet since I get her a charm each year.


Then we went bowling.  Let me just state for the record that I don't like bowling.  Mostly I don't like bowling alleys.  They ALL smell bad (smoke).  I do really like Wii bowling though:)  Anyway, Kate wanted to go bowling....

bowling1 Collage
Will and Harry were very sweet trying to help Kate bowl...

She got a spare but I only had my 50mm (no zoom ) lens and was not ready for her expression after the spare.  So, they are all blurry but so cute:)


I know I know...completely out of focus....she was running and jumping and I was not ready with the camera.  Plus she was too close:)  But look how happy she is!!!

I made spaghetti, meatballs and sausage.  And we had cake.  The cake was REALLY good.  (this cake recipe, this frosting (and let me say the frosting was DIVINE!!!!!!)








They were Sparkler candles and they would not go out so the boys helped:)



I try to write a letter to each of the peanuts on the birthdays... here is my letter to Kate. 

My lil dumpling,

Five was a big year for you.  You started kindergarten and went to school with your big brother, Harry this year.  You started to learn how to read and you made tons of friends at school.  You were the compassionate one in your class this year and you always welcomed new kids with a friendly smile.  You learned to ride a bike without training wheels and you LOVE going on bike rides. 

One thing we worked very hard at this year is teaching you to stand up for yourself and your friends and you have come so far. I wish we did not need to teach you that skill quite so early but we did.  I am proud of how far you have come with that.

You changed a lot this year Kate.  You are not a pre-schooler anymore.  Gone are the tantrums and crying when you don't get your way (thank the Lord).  You have learned how to accept things a little better.

I love the friendship you and I have developed.  One thing we started doing this year is on Friday nights we cuddle up in Mommy's bed and watch "Say yes to the dress" together.  I love this time with you.  We often share opinions about which dresses we like best and we dream about the day we'll go shopping for your wedding dress together.

You have such a sunny disposition Kate and you are known in this family and among our friends for always saying "This is the best day ever!"  The other day you were playing old maid at school and I asked you if you get upset when you get the old maid.  You responded by saying "No, I am just happy to be playing, Mama."  I LOVE that positive attitude and I hope you keep it your whole life.  You can chose your happiness.

You have so many great talents.  You are a caring and compassionate sister, daughter and friend.  You love to dance and sing.  You are a gifted artist.  You are a fish in the water. You are a fantastic baker/kitchen helper.  You always think the very best of others.   You are very generous. You are JOYFUL.  Really, really joyful.  It is very rare that you are unhappy or in a bad mood.  I hope you always stay that way.

I love you more than I ever imagined and I look forward to seeing you continue to grow into a beautiful young girl.


P.S.  I am on Day 10 of the diet and really losing steam.  Last night, at book club I passed on every brownie, sweet, pie, chip, dip and other goodies that were passed in front of me.  I drank water while everyone else enjoyed wine.  It was not too hard but when I came home, I was very shaky and weak.  I felt very low blood I had a few gluten free crackers with sun nut butter.  Sunflower seeds are okay on this but gluten free crackers are not.  Anyway, I was back to my pear lime ginger smoothie this morning but I might modify the last few days as I am feeling constantly dizzy, headachy and weak. I think I will follow the breakfast and lunch plan but add a light dinner of my own starting today.  I don't want to completely quit but I cannot continue feeling this way.  I don't think it is good and I am really taking it out on the people I love.

THANK YOU so much for voting for Melissa and Hong.  I know all the stories are touching and I am going to pray for all people facing infertility. I wish they could all win too.  I can only imagine how excruciatingly painful it is.  Someone very close to me experienced it for years too and I remember her pain.  From the website, it looks like they were one of three couples to win!!!!!


  1. Great Birthday... love the photos.. Love Kate's facial expressions.. .PRICELESS...
    have a great weekend...

  2. OK this brought tears to my eyes...I LOVE her positive energy!! And then when she said "I am just happy to be playing mama" yep that brought tears to my eyes. Special kids like her are not created, they are born this way...she is indeed a little sparkling diamond in a world of scuffed gems.....a truly special soul! Love this...wishing you all the best summer yet!

  3. Oh my -- what a wonderful birthday celebration! Love Wii bowling too -- the real thing -- not so much! Kate is a darling -- you are one blessed mama!!

  4. Kate is one of the cutest little girls ever. I hope my future daughter has her sunny will serve her well in life for sure.
    In regards to your diet, your body is telling you something...I've learned that I can't go extreme like that also because I have actually passed out before (I was lifeguarding and did atkins...not a smart move).
    Stay well, Kim!

  5. Awesome Birthday celebration!!!

    Thanks for the update on the 15 day "event". I just bought the book - and was looking at when to start. Your insights had been REALLY helpful as we have surgeries coming up - and I am pretty sure that would be the wrong time to start! Especially when I am SO sugar addicted right now.....

  6. You are amazing if you have stuck with it that far! I could not even make it to the first day. Raw is intense!

  7. Oh my goodness, the bowling photos are adorable - blurry or not. Love the joy on her face.

    As for your diet, you're one brave lady. I am so picky already that if I had to modify my diet further, it would be nearly nonexistent. I hope you start feeling better!

  8. Those pix of Kate bowling are precious! We went bowling for Brill's birthday too! What *IS* it about bowling??? She had a ball, as Kate obviously did too!

    Brill, too, often says, "this is the BEST day ever!" I love that!!

    Sunshine 11
    Brilliance 6

  9. I must agree, I also hate bowling alleys. stinky...but who could resist Kate's dimple! She is so pretty and looks like she really enjoys life!

  10. I can just FEEL her excitement!!!!!She is too precious and I love love love her hair when she wakes up in the morning. I could just squeeze her!
    P.S. Bowling alleys are super stinky! Oh and although I look forward to being back in Texas in only 16 more days....I do NOT look forward to the Texas heat!!!! Stay cool my friend and praying for you on this diet. I'm so proud of you!!!!

  11. i love that kate and all her expressions!!! what fun days!

  12. I hope you start adding more of your regular food back in to your diet. You're last post about being dizzy and lightheaded does not sound like a healthy way to lose weight. Keep exercising and eating right (but yes eat some normal food so you aren't feeling deprived all the time). Good luck I'm sure you look great!

  13. BEAUTIFUL letter Kim!!!!!!

    Happy Summer!! We need to catch up soon!!!!


  14. I'm not a dietician but if you're feeling weak or dizzy you should stop. You could really be messing up your metabolism and who knows what else. You know how to eat healthy and do a great job of it. I'm sure adding exercise to your routine will make a huge difference.


Thank you for your kindness.