My little man is growing up

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Whether I like it or not (and for the record, I don't), our "Habu" is growing up.  Last night he went to a "graduation" party.   Yes, he is "graduating" from elementary school. It was a boy-girl party and much to the boys' dismay, they were required to wear a collared shirt and nice shorts.   (Harry really is happiest in a Judo t-shirt and nylon sport shorts.)  I have to admit that when I dropped him off at the party, I felt a bit nostalgic and emotional.  How did the years go by so fast?

Harry is an awesome kid. He is compassionate and helpful and respectful.  He tries really hard at whatever he does. He has had straight A's and straight E's (excellent) for his whole elementary school career.  In  addition to that, he is such a leader at school.  He has a ton of friends and is kind to everyone.  On more than one occasion parents have told me that their child was so upset when Harry was absent because either he keeps things fair on the playground or keeps another classmate on track in the classroom. The principal also told me a few weeks ago that Harry really was a special kid.  She called him a quiet leader.

Harry also walks the walk.  At his Christian summer camp, he has twice been awarded the First is Third (FIT) award. This is given to the camper who puts God first, others second and himself third.  This is the highest honor at camp and if Harry wins it another time, his name will be inscribed on a plaque in the mess hall.

We have had our tough times.  He is not perfect (no one is, right?)  Harry had a few years when he was kind of angry at home.  But now, he is as delightful as he can possibly be and we are very close.  I cannot even tell you how very proud I am of this boy!  He is growing into exactly the kind of person we hope he would be.  Above all, Harry is pretty humble.  He would never tell you any of this and he'd be kind of embarrassed that I did.  So, let's keep it our secret, shall we?


And don't tell anyone...but he might even have a girlfriend friend who is a girl! And she is so cute!

{the next few weeks are NUTS here because Harry has tons of end of year stuff since he is leaving grade school and Will has tons since he is leaving middle school and lots of it I wanted to take a moment and reflect on each boy and what they mean to me right now}


  1. He is toooo cute.. love that smile.. and yes they grow up way to fast..
    I have the last one graduating this year..
    Love ya ..

  2. what a great kid!!! He is oh so cute too:)

  3. What a cutie; love the freckles. They do grow up so fast; it's just so crazy where the time goes. My daughter finished her freshman year in high school, and it seems like yesterday i was taking her to preschool!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Man! That is sweet. What a great kid. You must be doing something right.

  5. Harry sounds like a wonderful young man, no wonder you are have every reason to be. And being super cute is an added bonus:) Good job on how you have raised your wonderful kids, Kim!

  6. What a great post to your sweet Harry! Way to go Harry!!

  7. He will always be the sweet little boy who made my jewelry holder at the cabin!! (Which I used this weekend!!!) I want to hear about the "Friend!"
    Congratulations on all of your achievements Harry! You are special!


  8. He is so adorable and so sweet! He kind of reminds me of Blake.

  9. He is SO HANDSOME!!! I think as he is getting older, he is starting to resemble Will.
    They are all growing up way to fast. I am in denial that Nick is going to High School next year. We are in the last few weeks of school here and there are all sorts of events going on to celebrate. We loved the school Nick attended, and I am already anxious about him starting at the new high school in the fall. It is going to be a much different atmosphere than what he is accustomed to.

    Have a great week Kim....the end of the school year is very near!



  10. "A quiet leader".....what a wonderful quality in a son!! I can't even remember how long I have been following your blog, obviously I was drawn to it because of adoption initially....but oh how I loved watching your boys grow up. Harry has such a tender heart and the gift of mercy, he is going to be an amazing husband one day. I hope I get to continue watching him grow and spread his wings:)

  11. Love these CAMEO blogpost. Harry is such a handsome and sweet young man. I know it "does a momma proud" to hear great things about their child. Wishing Harry, Will and Kate a GREAT SUMMER!!

  12. He is so handsome and it's so neat to see how much he is changing.

  13. You have every right to proud of that special and handsome young man! He sounds like exactly what anyone would want in a son, and someday wayyy down the road he will be everything a girl could hope for in a husband, too. Not to mention great to work with/for in the workforce!

    Gin =)


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