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Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Kate LOVES dance.  This will be her 4th dance recital and she absolutely lights up on stage.  She is also ALL about the tutu and the beautiful ballet costumes.  Imagine her reaction when the Fairytale theme of her recital was announced! We waited anxiously to see what the costumes would be for her class.  Well, when the photos of each classes costumes were posted, let's just say we had to put on a positive attitude as best we could.  There are adorable bunnies and pumpkins.  There are frilly sheep and "soap bubbles" with full sparkly blue tutus.  There are princesses and fairies galore.  But Kate's class...well.... they are GNOMES!  Yes, GNOMES!


It is a darling outfit and Kate is wearing it joyfully.  But I'd be lying if I did not admit that we both look at the frilly, fluffy, fancy costumes with a tiny bit of longing;)  So, the dress rehearsal yesterday was a bit of a rush...we only had half the costume at home (minus the hat and bow tie) and we had to get there immediately after school.  So, I did not have time to try to get good photos at all!  I managed these as we were getting in the car (in 90 degree heat too!)



Kate and one of her good buddies (who is a bunny--but the ears and tail were at the theatre)

Here is the whole gnome ensemble:)

She gets so excited to go on stage and not one bit nervous!


Since we are not allowed to photograph or video during the acutal recital, I tried to do both at the same time by myself during the dress rehearsal. Literally, I had the flip in one hand and was holding my very heavy D-700 in total darkness with the other hand.  So, I apologize in advance for the quality of images;)


That is Kate in the center (back to the camera) with her little knee bent and her hip cocked:)






Here is the video.....

Kate is center stage second row for the beginning and then first row for some:) If you click on the vimeo link you can watch it much bigger (which for my old eyes is essential;)

Saturday will be quite the dancing day for Miss Kate.  She has her recital first and then it is the Father-Daughter Dance at school.  SO exciting!!!!


  1. The Gnomes are adorable! Do they look a bit like Pinocchio?

    1. Yes, I did not make that connection but they do look a little like Pinocchio. I think they are adorable too:)

  2. I've never seen such precious gnomes!

  3. OMW.... she is the cutest... LOVE ... LOVE ... LOVE...
    Makes my heart smile..
    Have a wonderful day Beautiful lady...
    Make sure to go to my new blog and follow.. old one will be shutting down soon...
    Thank you for being sooo wonderful..
    Love ya

  4. They look like sweet little Pinocchios!

  5. A star is born...she is so meant for the stage.......what a cutie pie!

  6. Don't tell the bunnies and pumpkins, but I think your gnome is the cutest! =)

  7. Oh my goodness, those are the cutest gnomes I've ever seen! :) Such sweet memories...

  8. Every famous ballerina has to start gnome-place!!

    Break a leg sweet Kate!!


  9. She is so cute I could eat her with a spoon! She rocks that gnome costume like no one's business!
    Good luck sweet Kate!

    1. Thank you. I could not agree more. But then again, I am her Mama!

  10. So sweet! That's great she loves dance so much. It is a great activity for girls to grow with. It teaches discipline and concentration, and grace :) And getting recital costumes is SO exciting!

    I danced until I went to college and still take an adult ballet class every now and then. I remember loving my costumes when I was Kate's age... but that was the early 90s so image how crazy those were! They did make for a fun dress-up box, though.

  11. Meggie and I loved watching Kate dance! She lights up the stage!! Michelle and Meaghan Grace

    1. Oh Michelle! What a joy to hear from you. I miss catching up on your lives.


  12. I know she must be so excited for her recital! She looks adorable, but I would be disappointed with the costume too :( Hopefully she gets a super cute one next year to make up for it :)

    We still have a month before ours :)

  13. I think they are adorable! I am jealous of Kate's lonnngggg legs!

  14. She looks darling, though I feel for her! Who doesn't want a lace and tulle tutu?

    I remember my first recital: Pinocchio. My sister's class was the group of "naughty boys" that Pinocchio takes up with. Poor thing. But me? My class? We were the DONKEYS the little boys got turned into! Poorer me! So, sparkly gnome is pretty cute by comparison. And, at least for my daughter, being permitted to wear lipstick is a real perk of performing!

  15. Too adorable!! Kate's costume is just precious!! I had to giggle to myself because I felt the same way last year when I saw some of the cute costumes! Ours was adorable last year but some were just downright beautiful!!!

    We really miss the excitement of recital time this time of year!! Dance practice was totally OUT OF THE QUESTION for us this year especially since practice began at 3:30 and school releases at 3:25! It worked perfectly when she was going to daycare and could be picked up EARLY in the afternoon but since she is in Pre-K its totally out of the question.

    Bre LOVED dancing and still does. We switched to gymnastics *WHICH SHE LOVES* however, she still ask about ballet all the time!! NEXT YEAR we are GOOD TO GO!!

    Sending congratulations and lots of "VIRTUAL FLOWERS" to Kate on her 4th DANCE RECITAL!!

  16. Oh my word! Seriously, so stinking cute!!!! :-)!!!!

  17. So adorable! Cutest little gnome ever!

  18. Well, she is just the cutest gnome!!! But I can imagine that the costume wasn't exactly what she would've liked :) kudos to Kate for making the best out of this experience and enjoying her recital!

  19. Kim,

    My Madeline is in her first year of dance. And I, too, have looked longingly at the other girls costumes. Our recital theme is Around the World. The others are so pretty...Madeline looks like she's ready for Halloween. Sure, it's cute but not beautiful.

    Kate is adorable on stage. She was made for it!

  20. Oh Kim! I underwent a similar longing this past weekend with both my daughters. Instead of the beautiful, flowing costumes that embodied the pure essence of ballerina, their classes were baseball players (with really ugly socks that were MUCH too big and hats that were also too big) and party girls in horrible leopard print costumes. But they both put a smile on their faces and danced wonderfully. I will say, I became somewhat happy that my youngest (also a Kate) was a baseball players because the ballerina costumed girls had to have ringlet curls - our pony tails were much quicker and easier to do on both dress rehearsal and both shows on Saturday. Good luck to your Kate - break a leg. :-)

  21. She looks so beautiful Kim! She has had those long gorgeous legs since the day you met her!!! I think Kate was born to be a dancer! I hope she had fun!!


  22. She would be ADORABLE in anything she puts on!!! Hope she had fun!


  23. OH, I love it! So, so adorable, and she pulled up looking graceful and beautiful, even dressed as a gnome!

    Gin =)

  24. Soooo adorable and sassy! I just love little girl dancers and kate is darling (even as a gnome!)

  25. I just love little girl dancers .. nothing sweeter and Kate is just darling (and oh so sassy!)


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