Dia del Nino

Sunday, May 6, 2012
In Latin American countries, April 30th is considered the day of the child.  Just as we celebrate Mother's and Father's day, they celebrate children on this special day. In kindergarten, at Kate's International Baccalaureate school, they celebrate the day of the child too.  Luckily, my Mom was able to spend a little time that morning with me helping out at the celebration.

The children rotated among all the classrooms doing different activities throughout the day.  First, we helped them make colorful tissue paper flower bracelets...


Kate and her Mimi



Then we went outside and they planted a lima bean in a cup.




Then they danced...



They did the chicken dance which I think is a super fun dance.

They also had pinatas and other fun things but we had to leave and I did not get photos of the rest of the celebration!  Kate's lil face was so sad when she had to say goodbye to Mimi.  It broke my heart.  Thanks Mimi for coming to visit:)


  1. Kim, you look just like your Mother!! I love the picture of her and Kate!!

  2. Hi Kim! This comment isn't about your post, but it's the only way I know to tell you how much I appreciated your encouraging words about our big move to Franklin! It't been such a blessing to receive encouragement even from those I don't know. We've needed it! We know we're doing the right thing to follow God's lead and walk by faith, but it can feel scary at times. Words like yours have helped keep my heart steady. :)

    Thanks so very much!

  3. sweet sweet images of kate & mimi!!

  4. so sweet. my grandaughter calls me mimi too. we're mimi and pops!

    thank you for your thoughtful, sweet and informative comment today. i will consider disabling anon comments but some of my very favorite friends are anon. it will be sad if i do it.

    thanks again kim. xo janet

  5. How great for your mom to be able to spend time with you all, and to be able to help out with Kate's special day at school! Love the pictures of them together.:)

  6. I am sure everyone was sad to have to say goodbye to Mimi, but they got to make wonderful memories with her while she was visiting. Hopefully they can hold onto those until her next visit.



  7. Looks like you all had a great time together! Kate and her Mimi are just too cute!!

  8. I'm cracking up that they did The Chicken Dance, which is German, for a Latin American celebration. Chicken dancing does transcend all borders!

    Kate looks so happy.

    1. Kristi,

      According to the dual language Spanish teacher (from Mexico and in charge of that activity), although the chicken dance song was composed in Switzerland, it has become very popular in Spain and Mexico and it a common part of these celebrations. It is commonly done on the day of the child. Who knew?


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